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    Ode to Hearthstone

    It's a miracle I haven't quit yet. I'm this close to heading to the local zoo and asking the janitor Leeroy to give me a hand with the lock on the bear cage. Maybe even feed myself to a starving buzzard or scavenging hyena. But then I just know the police would show up and scream "Freeze!" and then, as they say in Spanish, No Va. I'm not going anywhere. Some dude in prison would give me the old lance up my pooper and I'd just be even more miserable than I am today.
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    Get real bro, if walkers bite Daryl, they become Daryl's.

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    lol (not long enough comment)

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    Was the Italicization (sp?) really neccessary? I feel like it killed the joke =(

    Nicely written, though :P
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    I don't think you're having so much a thought but rather complete mental diarrhea all over the internet and your keyboard and it's not pretty or even logical.

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