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    The Sims 3. CAN it run smoothly?

    This is not as much about setups as it is about the game itself, so I post here. I'm baffled about this game really...made by such a big company, HUGE amount of content, and yet all I see are people having problems, having to find fixes, needing to download mods just to stop the game from crashing from how it has been coded (cars building up for example, or dead Sims).

    I have upgraded my setup, and while the game loads fast and I have none of the annoying lag I used to get, the game still feels...unstable. Sims sometimes stutter when they walk, other times they do not. Rendering can be smooth as butter sometimes and then suddenly spike and look very weird.

    I'm about to give up, IS it possible to play this game without constantly having to think about it having issues just to run?
    Why people want Classic back; In Classic, you'd be considered a winner and a "hardcore" simply by reaching max level, having a few pieces epic gear and being able to stand the horrible logistics demands.
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    I bought for my sister ( as in bought the game from Origin store - legit ) with many more addons and DLCs and such. She had no issues at all.
    She complained only with an DLC not working, which we got sorted in 10 mins. What OS you have? Maybe that's the problem or a part of the problem.

    At best, try google to solve all your problems.

    EDIT: Also, my comp specs are not great, and it still runs smooth. I'll ask her and I'll contribute more if she says something is weird.
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    Runs fine for me. Tho i do think a lot of issues are with the DRM bullshit that makes the exe file about 6x bigger than it needs to be..

    I buy all my games then crack them and never had any issues with these bloated DRM exe files causing lag or stupid quitting mid-game due to wifi losing signal.

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    I thinks . At best, you try google to solve all your problems. wish you luck ..!

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    I find it pretty pathetic as well. So many bugs EA outright refuses to patch up for, god knows what reason, so you have to rely on outer party mods to fix the game for you.

    I've been pretty fine so far, had to delete all of my mods and CC to get the game to stop freezing and crashing all the time, which put a huge damper on me.

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    It's not too bad for me, but it's still probably one of the worst games for stability issues, especially considering it's an offline game within a series made by a MASSIVE gaming company.

    Most of the time, typing "resetsim *" will fix some of the problem(s) I'm having with the game.

    I think your only option to finding a solution for your particular problems is google.

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