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    Outlook keeps downloading all my e-mail


    I have been using MsOutlook 2008 for Mac on my MacbookPro since the beginning of this year. Everything worked perfectly and I have multiple e-mail addresses connected with Outlook: hotmail, gmail and an exchange for school.
    But since last friday, my outlook started to download all my old e-mails, from like 2 years ago, without me adjusting any settings. Now that should not be a big problem to load all the e-mails, but when it is finished (with ~8000 e-mails). It just restarts downloading these 8000 again.

    What can I do to fix this?

    I use OSX 10.9

    With kind regards.

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    Make sure it's configured as IMAP not the old POP3 protocol
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    Check the settings, and use IMAP as said above. Also if you don't mind may I ask why you use outlook? I honestly hate the software and it seems to give many IT people headaches due to issues it's had over the years. I find Thunderbird better to use imo.
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