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    maybe you should have taken the wu'kao (?) supplies with you, which give you items that work as vanish/sap/some kind of distract

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    The most annoying part I find is the majority of the mobs have a knockdown/stun and they're not afraid to use it. My dumbass companion ended up pulling 4 mobs and I spent the next like two minutes mostly on my ass barely staying alive until I managed o get a few down. I also dread some of these areas when the rest of the server catches up. At least it looks like the amount of rep per day is decent.

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    I had no problems doing them but i do agree they were horribly designed. I'm not looking forward to doing them for the next week and a half.
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    how many shado-pan dailies are you guys getting at honored?
    Or are there any hidden dailies for the shado-pan, like how august celestials have dailies in karasangwilds aside from the main ones you get in the vale.

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    Don't take the frost mage NPC. Summons water elemental, which pulls alot of mobs, especially when flying.

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    I've never had a problem. I do them all in like 10 minutes on my Rogue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chadiu View Post
    To those who haven't gotten revered with Golden Lotus yet, prepare for some horribly designed dailies.

    While I can't speak for all the different "sets" of dailies, the one involving Sra'vess (one of the islands in Townlong) are atrocious. The mobs are all in packs and are everywhere. The NPCs that you can get to help you are horrible and end up pulling more mobs than actually helping. The "stealth" effect doesn't even work half the time, which results in many more mobs being pulled. If you end up pulling too many mobs and don't have some type of vanish/FD ability, you're screwed, as it is pretty much impossible to "run" away from the mobs, unless you jump off the island into the water.

    The actual quest design is horrible too. One of the dailies involves smoke bombing certain targets, and the quest tracker is bugged and doesn't even display the buildings locations. They all look pretty much exactly the same too, so you have to fly around the island looking for any building with a "hunter's mark" type icon in the entrance. Another of the quests involves killing Elite mantid. The Elite mantid pretty much always are on a pat and have allies that pat with them. Since the mobs are so close, pray to the Titans that your NPC doesn't pull more fucking mobs.

    It is probably the first time I have stopped while in the middle of doing dailies. They are incredibly frustrating, and I have pretty much decided to wait till I complete all the other factions.
    So lets see... You're having trouble killing the mobs. You claim they're too tightly packed. You also claim the stealth isn't working. You're doing it wrong my friend.

    You are stealthed, but you don't have the improved stealth of a kitty or a rogue; be mindful of this. You are given a pack of supplies that provide you with a vanish and an incapacitate. Use these to your advantage.

    I have noticed that the lesser mantid are fairly weak and can be AoE'd down in packs of about 4.

    These are designed as "James Bond" type dailies where you're supposed to be a skilled assasain who can use stealth and trickery to your advantage while neutralizing targets in a quick efficient manner. I personally find that Shado-Pan and August Celestials are easily the fastest dailies to get done, especially when the AC dailies are at Niuzao Temple.
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    I just did those for the first time today. My stealth was broken - until I finished the last one, of course - so I just face rolled across the island killing everything in my path. But I'm a Warlock, and thus awesome, so your mileage may vary.

    I didn't find them all that bad, really.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vocah View Post
    maybe you should have taken the wu'kao (?) supplies with you, which give you items that work as vanish/sap/some kind of distract
    Yeah this. If you take them you get a vanish and half the problems listed here are gone, then you put the distract in and bam more gone, then a sap and it's like woah these are easy.
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    I hate these dailies with a passion :/

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    I think they're fine..

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    I really like the idea of choosing an elite fighter to help you. I would gladly take Taoshi or Protector Yi over some random players in a dungeon
    They do however need a better AI and somehow I encounter a bug while doing those dailies every single day. And I'm not talking about Mantids here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DerSenf View Post
    I really like the idea of choosing an elite fighter to help you. I would gladly take Taoshi or Protector Yi over some random players in a dungeon
    They do however need a better AI and somehow I encounter a bug while doing those dailies every single day. And I'm not talking about Mantids here.
    only taoshi is useful dat marked for death <3
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    Im not sure what people are complaining about the set of dailies i didnt like was with the necromancer moo cows, the rest are pretty easy,my advice use taoshi she's boss.

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    I never had a problem with these quests as a blood dk I guess some other classes may have to use the supplies.
    I agree on the bombing quest though, the hunters mark solution is not very good.

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    I don't know if this has already being said but, there is a npc at the shado pan quest hub that gives you a supply bag for these quests, inside the bag you can find distract shot coins, vanish powder and another rogue like thing I can't remember.

    I believe the quests were designed taking in consideration that you would use those items, the moment you pick the quest a yellow message appears saying "don't forget to take your supply bag of something ".

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    I got super frustrated with Silent Assassin being all bugged to hell ... but beyond that, I really liked having dailies I couldn't sleepwalk through.

    And when I finally got rewarded with Silent Assassin (after having legit fulfilled its parameters no less than three times), man ... felt good
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    Well i encountered some bugs with the companions too , also with stealth but in the end the dailies weren't that bad. What i realy hated was the celestials dailie with the torch!
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    I say all dailies are horribly designed, with the exception of Tillers, but Shado-Pan especially are exceedingly awful.

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    Haven't had any trouble on these dailies with a mage, spriest, DK, monk, rogue and balance druid thus far. Ditch the "help", they are the cause for all the troubles you will have. Some situations, namely on Sra,vess, require a little tact in your approach, there's nothing wrong with this. I personally liked using the lake to pull small groups of mantids in, was a little cumbersome to maneuver but you could control what you pulled rather well.

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