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    Ask them if they remember what happened at the Dark Knight Rises opening night. If not, I can jog their memory a bit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Salandrin View Post
    You guys wouldn't be hurt emotionally?
    If it were in real life... maybe, in a game... i would be like..."WTF O.O" and walk away

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    Continue eating, and watch as they act like fools to my amusement. Then walk awa.... oh wait I forgot, OPPAN GANGNAM STYLE.
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    "Eating lunch in a park"

    Yeah, that will never happen. I'd keep on sleeping since it mustve been a dream.

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    Ignore it, at first. I can probably ignore such behavior for a couple of hours, if needed. If it lasts to long, I'd pack my lunch and move away and finish my lunch a bit further in the park.
    If they started getting physical or were actively preventing me from eating, I'd ask them a couple of times to knock it off. If they didn't I would kick one of them in the nuts, punch the other in the stomach, and prepare to get my ass kicked by a bunch of jocks.
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