Greetings everyone,
I'm a Designer / Artist / Developer, I always loved making things for people to enjoy and have fun with.
Making good quality content is important to me, and that is why I want to make this project a reality.
I have been managing / editing servers for over 5 years now, and with my background knowledge and my artistic skills I can make this a reality.

Shakuras Minecraft server will be a Unique minecraft server, offering all players a chance to have fun, and enjoy the game, the server will feature multiple game mods, worlds, maps, arenas, adventures.

The server itself will be free to play, with a shop that will feature unique character upgrades, and server wide buffs for the entire community.

I ask you to check out my indiegogo page, and to spread the word about this Project!

Also adding links to websites and social media, in case anyone wants to help and spread the word.

Thank you