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    Speaking of TE - any word on a 1.7.2 update?

    I also tried BC NextGen - and it bombed on my server.... SO had to go back to the other BC....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greevir View Post
    Correct. It's because not everyone uses every mod in the list. For example. If the configs were setup to have Thermal Expansion (COFH) manage all the ore, someone who installed a lot of these mods and not include Thermal Expansion (COFH) they would have a world with no ores. Which is bad. So, we try to let people do that themselves. We can give some limited support on how to do this, but it's best to leave it up to you.

    The goal of the config pack is to solve ID related issues. The actual configuration of the mods and how you want to play is up to you.

    - - - Updated - - -

    1.6.4 Config Pack Download v3.5.66 : Main Download

    Config Pack Changelog : http://paste.ubuntu.com/7272374/
    Config Pack Block/Item ID Spreadsheet : http://bit.ly/1aAlH1m

    Version 3.5.66 - April 17th 2014

    • Rotary Craft - Potion and Item ID's added
    • ReactorCraft - Had to reverse ID's for Molten Corium still and flowing per forge error log
    • ReactorCraft - Block ID added
    • Witchery - Block and Item ID's added

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    Hey, haven't written here for a long time, how's everyone doing ?

    I wasted to ask if someone knows what is happening to Binnie? (The developer of extra bees/trees). Any idea if he is continuing his work on the mod or .. ?

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