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    i agree , we need more undead minion varity. maybe they could make blood spec's army Or maybe unholy could have instead of a ghoul. maybe frost could get or wraith.

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    Should change the title of this thread to: "Opinion on the Minion"

    I like the ghoul. Don't care much for the geist - i changed to it as soon as MoP came out, but have removed that glyph since. Wouldn't be against a few more options, but wouldn't really want blizz to spend too much time on it. It's an undead minion, not a vanity pet.

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    tbh the apearence of my dead minion doesn't matter to me. sure would be nice more options but what I realy miss is this " me likes shiiiiiniiieeeesss! " I realy miss it =(((((((
    Last time I checked on the 5.0 PTR, my Glyphed Geist actually talked just like the oldschool ghouls did so that's probably worth checking out for you.

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