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    A friend wants to return to WoW. He has lost his old account info (dating from back in... 2.1 or so?) and can't retrieve it. It's not really worth it as he deleted his character aswell.

    I'm kind of lost, how much does it cost to get started nowadays? I have one empty spare account he can use, which has the battle chest on it. So it will then cost him 45 euro (cata + mop ) + a game card to get started?

    And if he would make a new account, how much would it cost him to get started and have all the expansions? Is a month of game time included in this or do you need a gamecard no matter what you do? I remember when I first got WoW I had 30 days gametime included, then again I started in vanilla

    Thanks a lot!
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    Well, it's either Cataclysm + Mists + Game Card (using your spare account), or Battle Chest + Cataclysm + Mists. The prices would obviously depend on where he buys them, but I'd suggest buying a Battle Chest because it comes with a month of game time. So it'll be a bit more, but he'd have his own account rather than your leftover one.

    EDIT: I think it helps shopping around, particularly online. After a quick search just now, I came across DLCompare, which seems to have a wide range of digital stores accounted for. Mind you, I can't really vouch for any of the stores I haven't heard of.
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    I don't know in euros but dollars...

    Battle chest 20$, it have:

    -World of warcraft
    -Wow: Burning Crusade
    -Wow: Wrath of the Lich King
    -30 days game play

    Wow cataclysm 40$

    Wow Mist of Pandaria 40$

    Total: 100$... hope it helps

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    I'd suggest you do what a friend did for me. Let him get the battlechest (RAF if you really want) and don't bother with the expansions until you're about to reach them. Like Maxilian said, it's about $100 to go from a starter account to a full MoP account. It was about the same before WotlK was added to the Battlechest back during Cataclysm.
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