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    My opinion about Retri PvP

    Hello every retri paladin out there!

    So when MoP was released and i hit 90 i thought Retri was very weak, Now when i got almost 90% full PvP gear i can say that retri is alot better & soooo much gear dependent. So for you all retri pallys complaining, get some gear and you'll see how good retri actually are.

    Anyone else think the same as i do?


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    ummmmmmm , first i thought he was in a hurry , second i thought this thread will have more informations about his opinion Third , .... no comments

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matrlx View Post
    ummmmmmm , first i thought he was in a hurry , second i thought this thread will have more informations about his opinion Third , .... no comments
    At least his post was more insightful than yours. Good job.

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    Funny, neither post was really beneficial to the topic but that's neither here nor there xP

    Yes, it's true that Rets in their current state are heavily gear dependent. However that's more or less the case with any melee-oriented class / spec. Once my PvP power, haste and mastery really started picking up though, it solidified my view on Ret being just about fine the way they are. Still very supportive but very capable of putting pressure out when it's required.

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    I am on 57% resil 32% pvp power...gems are all pvp power blue, str + pvp power yellow..i would say survivability is OK "NOT against warriors"..and damage wise you have a 20 sec burst CDs macro...if you fail to kill then your killed. Oh and in arena as Ret you better get your self a rogue combat as he shares the same concept. kill fast or be killed.

    Do i like burst concept? yeah but it put you in a position where you hit or miss..not like other classes "not to mention any names" have sustainable burst control.

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    I feel like strong defensive abilities and an extremely long uptime on our burst abilities make us better in BGs than arenas. Which is fine for me, I really hate arenas and love RBGs.
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    hm i dont like ret pvp at all :& i really dont know why... i think ret is much more stronger than in cata/wotlk, very strong offhealing. i just dont like the playstyle atm... holy avenger feels very strong talent, but you do one style-> TV, stlye>TV, etc at its uptime... kinda stupid... dont know maybe i have to practice more or i just dont like the playstyle ;D also i LOVE the holy pvp playstyle atm, so i really prefer it over playing retri by now (130k holy shock crits <3)

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