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    Quote Originally Posted by Vampyrr View Post
    Why should they promote your anti-social tendencies? The previous Warlock quests from Vanilla also required a full group. The priest and hunter ones required a raid to even get the item to begin with
    multiplayer could mean you play with friends and family, not a raid group. Don't try to pigeonhole everyone into your paradigm ... they pay the same as you, and as long as they have fun, let them. As others said, this isn't the same as a legendary.

    I earned my infernal and doomguard, also my dreadsteed. I even recall getting my succy quests, and many deaths as I ran, without mount, through arathi highlands ~ level 20 while level 30 raptors raped me from all sides from great distances, because a lock was my first toon, and I was like, I'm supposed to do this now! I has the quest! btw, at 10 plus level deficit, the roads are not safe

    Now, green fire is nice and all, people can RP a fel fire lock ... but, I want purple fire ... let me be a shadowflame lock

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    I've always assumed that the MMO people bashing other MMO people for not being excited about being forced to play with others, are the truly antisocial cases that get most of their interaction with people through computer games and being forced to communicate with people in those games. Choice is really where it's at, you can't shout at someone how to enjoy a game.

    FYI sometimes people play games to take a break from their (social) life for a a bit. Imagine that huh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thelxi View Post
    sometimes people play games to take a break from their (social) life for a a bit. Imagine that huh.
    Very true indeed.

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