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    Bored with Guild Wars 2 already, haven't played WoW in a year

    Guild Wars 2 was a severe disappointment, it didn't even feel like I was playing an MMO, the lack of spells, customization, ui changes, and no endgame. It seemed like one of those games you buy for your Xbox and play it for a weekend and never play it again. Was not even close to what I wanted. I played WoW for years and loved it until the end of Cata, I enjoyed BC and Wrath but Cata was really draining and boring to be honest.

    Is MoP a fresh start? I've been watching streams and reviews and it there is lots of people saying different things about the game.

    is $45 worth it for the game and the time card?


    (Also don't buy into the hype of Guild Wars 2) It has no longevity.

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    You don't get a time card for buying MoP.

    I happen to love it, myself. Still, we can't decide for you. Only you can try it out for yourself and see if you really like it.
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