View Poll Results: Which franchise would you enjoy playing as an MMO

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  • The Elder Scrolls

    17 15.60%
  • Mass Effect

    19 17.43%
  • Fallout

    18 16.51%
  • Starcraft

    27 24.77%
  • Diablo

    7 6.42%
  • Assassin's Creed

    5 4.59%
  • Grand Theft Auto

    12 11.01%
  • Call of Duty

    4 3.67%
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    Which of the following popular franchise would you enjoy playing as an MMO

    I exclude the warcraft, final fantasy, and kotor franchise, since they already exists as an mmo.
    I include the elder scrolls since we know nothing about the design and gameplay, so your imagination remain unaltered.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vankrys View Post
    I include the elder scrolls since we know nothing about the design and gameplay, so your imagination remain unaltered.
    There is loads and loads of info on ES Online so that's a moot point.

    Anyhow, none of them. The MMO scene is already filled twice over.
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    Honestly, I would play every single one of those if they were an MMO. I don't even know if I could choose which one I'd like the most because most of them sound pretty damn awesome... I can say GTA and CoD would be at the bottom of my list, probably ME, Fallout or Diablo would be at the top.

    I don't see any of them actually happening but if they did, I'd be excited.

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    None of them, they'd make utterly horrible MMOs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wolfsage View Post
    None of them, they'd make utterly horrible MMOs.
    I agree.

    But I picked Grand Theft Auto.
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    There sort of is a GTA mmo already. It's called All Points Bulletin Reloaded.

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    I'd sell my soul for a Mass Effect MMO done right.

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    Mass Effect has everything set up for mmo, including a huge part -- well known lore.

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    Fallout universe would actually allow for a really nice MMO... but the crucial feature of the MMOs is not the franchise but the game design. I don't see Bioware or Bethesda making a good MMO, for instance, because the first don't know how to design involving gameplay and the second don't know how to design gameplay at all

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    I didn't even read the rest.
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    Fallout would make an awful MMO. Just being an MMO would destroy the games atmosphere

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    I voted StarCraft because I think it could really break the mold we have seen in recent years. However, to do so would require a developer other than Blizzard, as I don't think they are ready, or willing, to take that leap of faith.

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    starcraft and mass effect seems to emerge.

    People i feel really want to sink their teeth in a good sci fi MMO. Potential market here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Poshadin View Post
    Fallout would make an awful MMO. Just being an MMO would destroy the games atmosphere
    I agree. However, I wouldn't mind seeing a Fallout that had a hot-join multiplayer like Borderlands. Running around with one or two other people could be interesting in that setting. They'd basically be human-controlled companions, so to speak.

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    None of them
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    Not sure why, but I chose Mass Effect. I could just imagine it fitting the Guild Wars 2 style of gameplay very easily - being more action like and based around players not requiring a set roll, more everyone fends for themselves and has the tools to help each other out.

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    Stargate MMO! I was a little excited about the prospect, but it kinda faded silently into nothingness.

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    Universes don't carry the MMO experience (SWTOR anyone?) I would play none of those just because of their names, I'd need to see what features they offer, because it'll most likely be the same old...
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    I'm not sure I would want to play any of those as an MMO. I picked Elder Scrolls only because it's already an MMO but as for the others I really don't think they would work well as MMOs especially Call of Duty (lol wut?). All those games just need to stay the way they are there are too many games turning into MMOs these days. It's like "ok were done with the trilogy now what?" "I know lets make it an MMO and make money off of subscriptions instead of making a brand new game" If you're going to make an MMO at least make it original and not just a way to keep a franchise alive.

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    none of those would really make a good MMO. but if i'd have to chose, i'd chose starcraft.

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