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    Quote Originally Posted by Animma View Post
    I've seen ashes 7 times, I've had 1 shard in almost 8000 mob kills. Experiences may vary.
    While this may be true, I feel farming shards would be less of a pain than running TK once a week or depending how many alts you have.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Razirm View Post
    No. I farmed all 10 crystals fairly fast... It's sitting in my bags now though because I need Celestial Rep -.-
    What was your farm spot for that?

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    No, i have never paid for boost and i never will. No fun in that

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    I definitely would NOT pay for the mount. Considering how ridiculously easy it was to get exalted with order of the cloud serpent, just get that to tie you can over until you eventually get the shards.

    Its a nice mount, but I'm willing to bet most people will have 4-5 shards already by the time you're revered with august celestials provided you do your golden lotus dailies. I'd rather farm and try my luck than dump 150-250k. If it was the only non-raid achievement cloud serpent? I'd buy it in a heartbeat... but they're a dime a dozen atm.

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    Would never pay for something I possibly can solo, even tho the shards have a crazy low dropchance :/

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeavline View Post
    The ML exploit is a scam! They make you give them X amount of gold before Alani is downed, you'll get ML and groupleader and everything seems fine, but only the one who initiate the fight with the skycrystal can actually loot the mount.
    you havent seen the video of this DK using the crystal and some Paladin sniping the kill and looting it have you?
    I see Stupid people!

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    I have done all my GL every day this xpack, and I have not seen one yet.

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    Never. Did the dailies religiously ever since the 2nd day of MoP, and today i got my first shard. From looting a mob.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaj392 View Post
    It actually is, the skyshards are just as rare as the Ashes so...

    Like Ashes is oh so unique now...
    lolno. Just no.

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    Nah. I got my first shard a few days into MoP, but haven't seen any since.
    While our GM has gotten 6 of them by doing dailies.
    Someone was selling it for 150k yesterday, just for the record.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Puupi View Post
    You're quickly rising up to be my new #1 GenOT Finnish weirdo! o/

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    nope, im pretty sure i'll have crystal rdy b4 i get exalted with celestials anyways

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    wouldn't even pay 10k for it. it's a cloud serpent mount that has lightning around it; who cares lol
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    I wouldn't pay 150-200k for it. However, I did already buy it for my girlfriend. I paid 60k. 60k is easier to earn than 10 shards, and exalted with august celestials will also be easier than 10 shards. I'm almost revered with golden lotus on 2 different characters and haven't seen a single shard at all yet.

    It also wasn't master loot. It was set to free for all.
    Quote Originally Posted by Drunkenvalley View Post
    Every word I read of that post has your credibility plummeting like a hooker getting a suitcase full of money for a BJ.

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    I wouldn't pay anything, I'll get the shards eventually. And given how ugly these mounts are, I'll never use it, so it will just be for the +1 mount count

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    i bought it for 200k last night. just need to farm rep now with the august celestial...or well first the golden lotus :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by shadowflay View Post
    you arent good with prices, huh? this isnt ashes of alar or something unique ^^
    He appears to be quite good are prices. Mount collecters pay that kind on gold.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bluesftw View Post
    nope, im pretty sure i'll have crystal rdy b4 i get exalted with celestials anyways
    Revered with lotus and I've seen 0. That includes an hour of farming the cow

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    Botters are already selling it, so there's no chance I'd ever buy it and no chance I'd get anywhere near the price that I would want to sell it for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Henkdejager View Post
    i bought it for 200k last night. just need to farm rep now with the august celestial...or well first the golden lotus :P
    by the time you can use it you could have probably got it for half that price.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iggie View Post
    What was your farm spot for that?
    Probably the Stone Quillen spot, which has long since been nerfed. They use to spawn the moment you killed it, was nice and simple to farm that.

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