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    3 heal + disc priest smiting, let the tanks do the painting, dps focus on dealing damage and not standing in stuff. Didn't break chains the whole fight.
    No-cobalt combination with this tactic was pretty much a joke, no-amethyst with some melees a bit tougher.

    Thereis nothing wrong in going 4heal here, enrage is quite forgiving (if ppl don't die), and with Jade boss up aoe damage on raid is quite high.

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    We were attempting to 4 heal it and it seemed to be working fine but too many people kept messing up. What we did instead was have a dps war go prot and then 3 healed. The extra tank specced war doesn't get picked by jasper chains and he just ran around dropping tiles the whole fight. This will probably be fixed at some point but only having 3 sets of jasper chains made the fight much easier.

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    we 4 heal it just to be safe since the enrage timer is quite high. plus when 2 healers get chained together, theres no need for them to break it and they can just sit there and heal without having to chase around melee/dps

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