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    NITM-Top Guild on Nordrassil / Horde lf reinforcements

    Napalm In The Morning, top guild on Nordrassil Horde, founded as a raiding guild in november 2013 and plagued by our solar system's accursed central star's attention whoring since early february 2014 is looking for anybody & their grandmas.

    In case you've been craving for a completly egregious HC (and soon enough Mythical) raiding experience don't be shy to whisper any of our members ingame or fill out our happy-go-lucky apply form on napalminthemorning.guildlaunch.com

    We don't care for your ilvl, class, experience or other pathetic details.
    All that matters to us is your dedication to raiding along with the ability to implement some common sense regarding behaviour and playstyle.

    Current progress 9/14 HC, achieved under the most adverse of circumstances on a comatose server. Nonetheless we gather every day, sometimes doing Hc, on others relaxing during altruns and various fun activities like CMs or humping alliance guards at the Shrine of Seven Stars.

    Also selling Kor'kron War Wolves, SoO Glory achievs and 9/9 CM Golds. For 1g each.
    But only to those who would look good with those thingies!*

    *subjective to Bogeyman's and/or Ehane's individual opinion.
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