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    14/14 HC Highly Experienced Tank LF Serious Heroic Raiding guild!

    Hello there!

    I'm currently looking for a new guild which I can call my home and I figured coming to this forum is a good start. To begin with a few things about me; I'm a rather Hardcore raider. I'm currently raiding in a top 80 guild in the world, but because of personal reasons and some personal differences with certain officers I'm looking to find a new home. I'm 20 years old, currently studying and finishing High School thus I have a lot of free time which leads me to play a lot of WoW, Hearthstone, D3, HoTS Alpha and LoL, but still mainly playing WoW and trying to improve my character. My main ATM is a 588 Protection Warrior with a 574 Fury offspec, but I'm considering, depending on the Beta patch notes, to Reroll on favor of which tanks are the best for progress (apart from Guardian druid). My alts consist of: 560 iLvl Prot Pally cleared 14/14 Normal + 8/14 HC. 560 Monk cleared 9/14 Normal, 550 DK Cleared 8/14 Normal and Warlock which I played for a bit, 580 13/14 HC. At this moment I feel more or less comfortable going in HC raids/beginning HC raids with most of my Tanking chars, so guild alt-runs of alts allowed in main runs for preparation for WoD would be a big +. Other than that, I speak English to a very good level, have no problem with understanding or speaking it, nor have I received any complains about my spoken English. In raids I can offer good communication, a high level of play, skill in my position and class, not repeating mistakes (if I make one at all), also being able to adapt and prove myself. I love wow, I enjoy the raiding aspect a lot and I always strive to improve myself. I also have good logs to prove my play, of course depending on the tactics of certain bosses logs may vary from week to week in the Tank role. I currently have the Beta for WoD and am very active on it, so a guild which has access to it and will be testing bosses when they are going to be tested is a must, I want to be as prepared as I can for the next expansion and prove my worth in new environments. If you're interested in what I have to offer, or bring for that matter please PM me your Battle.Tag/Post it in the comments below and I will look into adding you ASAP and then feel free to ask me whatever you want, or if I missed out on something in my text. I'm currently playing Horde, but I would consider moving to alliance if the offer is what I'm looking for. I'm hoping to compete the same way I do not, if not better, so guild rankings are very important to me. Feel free to leave your battle.tag for a chat non the less, I'll be happy to add you and have a chat with you! Also TS/Vent chats are very welcome.


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    Bump, still looking!

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    Bump, still on the look.

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    Bump, still searching for a new home.

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    Bump, still looking.

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    need a tank

    Quote Originally Posted by UnknownSense View Post
    Bump, still looking.
    Are you still looking? Email me - darcyjohnston at yahoo dot com and i can give you some info our guild is 11/14h and looking for a tank

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