<STRUGGLE> is a newly formed swedish raiding guild with the following goals:

- Progress through SoO 10-man HC.

- Have a solid raiding core with nearly 100% raiding attendance.

- Keeping a good atmosphere in the guild.

- Keep ourselves occupied for the upcoming expansion where we will swap over to Mythic raiding. ( 20man raid )

Current progress:

14/14 SoO 10N
10/14 SoO 10HC

Current recruitment status:

Tank - Low
Healer - High
Ranged DPS - Medium
Melee DPS - Low

Our requirements:

- Be mature, 18+ preferred but exceptions can be made.

- Fluent English in order to communicate via Voice-com programs. ( Microphone required )

- Capable of taking criticism in order to progress faster.

- Solid internet connection and computer spec.

- Previous raiding experience is required. Whisper me for more info about that.

- Good class knowledge and also item level above 570. Legendary cloak is a HUGE plus.

- Prepared for every raid.

- High attendance is a must since we want to keep our raiding core very small.

- Our raid times are 18.45 - 23.00 Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday.
( In order to progress fast in WoD we might add an additional raid day on either Monday or Tuesday )


Both me and Pára have past raiding experience starting from Vanilla and stretching all the way to MoP.

We're looking for players with the same mindset as us.

If you're interested and meet the mentioned requirements feel free to contact us ingame for more information simply post an application on our website.


We are more than happy to answer questions and tell you more about our future plans.

Best regards