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    Insidium Silvermoon EU 4/14HC is Recruiting!

    We are an Alliance semi-casual Raiding Guild on Silvermoon EU run by a family team of experienced raiders, some who have played from Vanilla or TBC. We currently have around 80 active members.

    Currently ranked 140th out of 341 on the server, we have 4/14HC on Siege of Orgrimmar and have now grown into a full 25 man team ready to take full advantage of the new 20 man Mythic raids in the next expansion.

    Our raid days and times are Wednesday, Sunday & Monday (Tuesday is optional) from 20.30 - 23.30 server time. We also run old content for fun on Thursdays for anyone who wants to come along, mostly for transmogrification items and any missing old achievements or mounts our newer members need.

    We run a Flexi most weekends. All Social Members in the guild with an appropriate item level are welcome to come along and we encourage social membership. We do a 10 man SoO Normal Alt run most weeks for appropriately geared Alts and Social Members. We also have a very experienced, active PvP Officer who is building a first class rated Battleground team.

    We are currently recruiting the following:

    Elemental Shaman with Resto Off-spec
    Shadow Priest with Disc/Holy Off-spec
    Frost Death Knight
    Balance Druid

    If you are interested in joining a great raid team in a friendly, mature and relaxed guild then please apply online at insidium-guild.com or whisper Elynir or Käzz in game.

    Thank you and good luck with your application!
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    Updated today for recruitment.

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    Updated today for recruitment.

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    Updated today for recruitment.

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