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    [H] - Surge - 25 man guild 14/14HC

    We, Surge, have a few last spots to complete our roster during SoO farm, the upcoming PTR/ BETA and further progression in WoD!

    Surge is a Horde guild that is residing on Twilight's Hammer. A big part of the core knows each other through old guilds (Envy/ Method) for years. With the announcement of Warlords of Draenor we have decided to come back and form our own guild. Currently with succes, but we could use a few more people to bolster our ranks.

    Our aim is to be at least Realm firsts and raiding with maximum results whilst playing minimum, which makes it possible for our guildies to enjoy other things as well. We are not just looking for raiders, we are looking for people who fit in within our guild and know how to work together.

    Currently we are realm first 25m HC standing with 14/14HC.

    Raid Times/days
    Wednesday 20:00-24:00
    Thursday 20:00-24:00
    Sunday 20:00-24:00
    Monday 20:00-24:00*
    *our ending times depend on a few factors, are we close to a kill, are we on a roll, generally this will be decided as a whole to continue or not.

    In the weekends/ offdays we will have alt runs set up. This to ensure us to be able to swap in and out alts whenever needed regarding their optimal usage within the raid. Therefor it’s important that you can play your alts like you can play your mains. In WOD we want to push the rankings and it’s of utmost importance that everyone is willing and able to maintain at least one raidready alt. For Wod it is mandatory to have one playable alt and most likely a 2nd alts as well (this one does not need to be geared out as much as your main + main alt, but enough to ensure we can progress).

    What are we looking for
    We need players with past experience. Class not listed? Do not worry, if you think you got what it takes have a chat with one of our officers to see what chances you have within the guild. This means that we are always recruiting regardless of our main scouting! If you lack the gear due to a returning player or whatsoever contact the officers for more information.

    Past raiding experience is a must, this means that you must have the proof to add up. We’re not interested in listening to time consuming excuses as of why you lost your account or how your dog deleted that first warlock legendary. If you claim you have the experience, have the proof to back it up! However, if you are confident enough that you got what it takes to join our ranks, again don’t hesitate to convince us.

    We require high attendance due to raiding 4 times a week. It is required you use the forums or inform the officers if you can’t make a raid due to IRL issues. Coming prepared should go without saying, tactics, raidbuffs, knowing how to min/max your character(s).

    Current classes wanted
    * We are recruiting constantly for the best players available.
    * We are currently recruiting all classes!

    Emphasis on ranged classes, but melee are more than welcome to apply!

    It is expected of everyone that they can play their offspec as well as their main spec when called for.

    If playing in top 50 guilds and getting realm firsts is what you are capable of and something you are interested in then please contact us on the adds provided below.

    More information
    For more information don’t hesitate to approach one of our members in the guild that can direct you to your nearest officer.

    Guildwebsite http://surge-guild.eu/
    WowProgress: http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/...ting.tier16_25
    World of Logs: http://www.worldoflogs.com/guilds/305677/
    Warcraftlogs: http://www.warcraftlogs.com/guilds/3419/

    Pulzzar, Zerovelocity, Monoroth
    Narve#2740, Zerovelocity#2449, Monoroth#2381

    - Surge
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