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    WoW MoP on max settings gaming rig help.

    What i am looking for right now is a budget gaming computer that will run wow on max settings. i need almost everything.

    i dont need the peripherals such as keyboard, mouse, stereo,monitor. but i need the OS and everything else.

    as i do not know how to build a computer from the ground up, i would like some suggestions with prices. if possible make it under 600 but willing to go up to around 700. Thanks in advance.

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    You're not going to run WoW on max with a $700 budget when it's a prebuilt, especially with OS. Tt's either getting something mid-end prebuilt or building it yourself for $700 and get much greater value.


    The CPU can't be overclocked, the GPU is really weak, you'll struggle in raids, you've only got 4GB of RAM and your PSU is generic.
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