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    Arcane Mage Progression

    Hello readers!

    I recently made the swap from Holy Paladin over to Arcane Mage, as my guild wanted that burst damage. I essentially have the class mechanics down, but I have a couple questions about gear! Looking at all the top Arcane Mages, they are going with mastery over haste in almost every situation. I assume this is because of the silly ~30 second kills that guilds are doing on their farm bosses. I've heard and seen that with your four piece, you start gearing haste>Mast, but obviously guilds still progressing won't be doing the same as a guild with 22 Archi kills. My guild just got 10/13 Mythic this week (Xhul is next), so with that in mind what kind of gearing should I be focused on? Should I be preferring haste over mastery, or should I just aim for those 2100/2600 softcaps?

    Thanks for reading, and thank you for any details you can shed some light on!
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    Get simcraft, sim yourself with haste mastery reforge (reforge amount=sockets*75+275+[all the mastery you can change to haste if u change some gear] Reforge step 75. (may take a while). you will find "peaks" on mastery to haste reforge chart, Use these to get your haste caps

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    Some mages take 2100+ some take 1800+, the rest into mastery...... the most simple point is: haste is for singletarget, mastery for multitarget. you should figure out yourself which dmg is need in your progress.

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