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    [Mage] *Official* Help my DPS/Gear Thread

    Dear mages,

    with patch 6.0.2 and Warlords of Draenor at our doorstep, we're closing the previous two help threads and opening this one. We felt like there could be issues with people finding outdated information so this was a safer route. Also, we have too many stickies.

    As always, there are some rules which should be followed when asking for help:

    1. For which specialization are you asking help?

    2. Link your armory pretty please with a cherry on top if your armory is relevant.

    3. Write a lot. We need to know as much as possible about your problem. AMAP - as much as possible.

    4. Don't ask random basic stuff here, that's what the sticky guides are for.

    5. Don't be too big of an asshole when asking for help or when giving help.

    6. Avoid opening a new thread for every little detail - this sticky is here for a reason.

    7. Failure to comply will result in a Borg Sphere exiting warp speed above your house, kidnapping you and assimilating you into their collective. Resistance is futile.

    Example post:

    Shangalar - Arcane - *armory link* - if you can't post links yet then write which region and server you're on.
    Hey guys, I just got *itemA* and *itemB* and I'm not sure if I would benefit from replacing *itemC* and *itemD*, what do you think I should do? Thanks in advance.

    Something like that. You can also ask how to improve your openers or stuff. Lots of stuff. Much help. WoW.

    Good luck and looking forward to everyone helping each other.

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    Was gearing up the same stats still? Frost - haste, fire - crit, arcane - mastery ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by pkm View Post
    Was gearing up the same stats still? Frost - haste, fire - crit, arcane - mastery ?
    Frost - Multistrike, Arcane - Mastery, Fire - Crit
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    I am getting AMR results that tell me to drop tier bonuses. I am assuming we are still doing Frost 2pc, Arc and Fire 4pc?

    Gloves and chest are the only tier Mythic I have, the rest is normal tier. I am looking to swap over to arcane from frost gear, or maybe even fire since there is so much crit on the gear I had from the squish. Frost only wore 2 pc and I didn't know with the stat squish if the other spec bonuses were made obsolete or not by swapping higher end gear in.

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    AMR currently seems quite off beat. At least for most people.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrgreenthump View Post
    AMR currently seems quite off beat. At least for most people.
    Yeah, I would wait at least a week or two before jumping into it, a lot of people are getting weird results.
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    Hey guys,

    firstly a hi from me, started playing WoW in October last year so late into the game/expansion.

    Armory link as follows:

    recently specced fire post 6.0 as was utterly bored with frost and almost shelved my mage for WoD. Patch 6.0 hit, and I've seen fire mages in action and though oooo that looks fun and well, its sooo much fun playing fire I won't look back.

    I have a question about the tier set though. I currently have the 4 piece tier 16 set. My chest, legs and shoulders are heroic, and my gloves mythic. Last night I had mythic shoulders and mythic warforged legs drop. The legs are haste mastery, and the

    The mythic shoulders are Spaulders of Kor'kron Fealty (
    The mythic wargforged legs are Leggings of Furious Flame

    Should I lose the 4 set tier bonus and hit 580, or stay at 578 and keep equipped my heroic tier set? Or is there not much difference?
    Is this also the same for arcane as a fellow mage in my raid team is arcane and in same situation.

    Thanks in advance,

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    I'm just wondering if this really is a BiS list for me? I do mainly heroic (old normal) SoO, not sure if i'll get chance to do Mythic before WoD, I was surprised to see my staff being BiS and PBoI trinket not being BiS, does this sound right? are Frosts secondary stats that close now? thanks for any help you can offer

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    [Frost] 630 5man helm > rag helm?

    mr. robot says the 630 is better, but im not sure. what do you guys think?
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    I'd probably stick with the 630 helm.
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    Trying out mage as a char I want to gear up for raiding (not top end, but as an alt).
    Being new to the class I have a few questions about rotation/priorities when playing frost.

    I am struggling a bit to get decent numbers, especially in current dungeons.
    I find myself being quite proc starved so to say (often a lot of time passes between a FoF or BrainFreeze proc), especially when abilities are on cooldown.

    I do realize my gear needs improvement still (ilvl 627, working on everything, but not been too lucky with drops so far, so I still have a green ring and 615 ilvl trinkets) but besides that I feel I might be missing some rotational things too.
    I have read the frost dps guide in the stickies, but was still left with some uncertainties.

    What I do right now (Elemental has got waterjet on autocast):

    • Cast a frostbolt
    • Cast frozen orb to proc FoF (if available)
    • Pop IV/MI if available
    • Try to extend IV with ice lances (if possible) because of the Thermal void talent I selected.
    • If I have 2 stacks of FoF, I pop Ice lance and keep the other stack (if the buff is not about to expire) (because of shatter passive?)
    • If brainfreeze procs, I fire Frostfire bolt straight away.

    If I am a bit lucky I get decent dps, but most of the time in bossfights in the dungeon, I end up averaging around 10-11k dps.

    So first few questions that pop are:
    1. If I get 2 stacks of FoF, should I fire both of them, or keep one stack until I get a second stack again (provided that the buff timer is not about to run out)
    2. Do I need to do something with the icicles? i.e icelance to use them when they reach a certain number. Or just use icelance when FoF is up?
    3. Cone of cold: is that of any use? The damage seems quite low for the fact that i have to move to near melee range. Same goes for Frost Nova.
    4. How can I know when to use spellsteal, and can I decide what effect I steal?
    5. For groups of trash : do I use Blizzard, or what is the rotation there? I cannot keep up with other classes atm.

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    Didn't want to start a new thread.

    For this tier is only frost going to be competitive?
    I was reading that mages are ok but not near the top right now. Wondering if it's looking like that will change with better gear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tennisace View Post
    Didn't want to start a new thread.

    For this tier is only frost going to be competitive?
    I was reading that mages are ok but not near the top right now. Wondering if it's looking like that will change with better gear.
    Only Frost will be competitive, but there will be supposedly another raiding tuning pass coming in hopefully the next week or two.
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    Struggling to go high on dps at the start of single target fights (help)

    Hi guys,

    Currently raiding as a Frost Mage with my guild on normal Imperator Mar'gok. I can't manage to sky-rocket the dps meter right after the pull like most other mage I see on twitch. I usually (without blood lust on this fight) go around 30-35 k and and finish the fight with around 16k wich I am aware is pretty low.

    The one other Mage in my guild don't do much better yet people I see on stream go from 40 to 50 or even higher and end u with a better overall dps.

    Here are my stats maxing Int>Ms>Crit>Versa

    ILV 640
    Intellect 3332
    Spell Power 4288
    Multistrike 26.30
    Crit 9.29%
    Haste 3.26%
    Mastery 25.65%
    Versatility 4.58%

    I open figth with the following:

    -Haste Trinket
    -Pre pot
    -Stack 2 icelance proc using Water Jet
    -Frost Bomb
    -Frozen orb
    -Icy Veins

    Burst has much as I can the crystal (I often have to cast a Frostbolt or 2 at it cause no procs)

    Then go back to the regular cycle.

    Later, I pair CDs like Crystal+Orb if I can but most of the time I use them asap.

    Any suggestion welcome. I ve been trying really hard to improve my dps and I start to run out of idea.




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    Mage is in a very unforgiving spot atm, we rely heavily on executing our burst periods as perfectly as possible.
    Your opener seems okish, using IV before first frostbolt will increase your MS therefore increasing your chance at frostfire bolts which will up your burst.
    Use orb + pc together every time. Using your orb on CD will be 100% damage per minute, Using with PC is 210% damage per 1m30 or 140% damage per minute.
    Save Procs when you only have one for a trinket if possible, use a single proc otherwise (eg if you hit 2 FoF procs with no trinkets only use 1).

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    Don't use water jet in your opener.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Invrlose View Post
    Don't use water jet in your opener.
    There is no reason not to use it. You get it back from cd couple seconds after you burst is done.

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    Just finished tonight's raid and got up to Twin Ogron, We ran 19 people and overall I wasn't satisfied with my damage. I'm wondering if there's anything I'm doing wrong as far as rotation, add priority, or talents/gemming/stat priority. I ran simcraft for a patchwerk fight and I should be doing 19k according to my gear in a perfect situation. I do around 16-18k damage a fight and think I'm doing ok but I feel like I'm doing something wrong.

    This is my rotation:
    Frost Orb on CD
    Mirror Images+Icy Veins
    Ice Novax2
    Ice lance when 2 stacks of FoF or 1 stack and 5 icicles
    Frostbolt+BF procs

    I try to time Icy Veins with Mirror Images but if it's not up I just keep it off CD and it's usually up with berserking.
    I personally think it's my gear itemization and stat priority which is causing my numbers to be so low because according to simcraft I'm not too far off target but that's why I'm here to find out. I know some fights you can switch out talents to get more dps like PC on kargath and rune of power on butcher I just want to know what talents for which fights would be best as well.

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    Hey, i got a trinket issue, dont know which one to use. For frost ofc.

    I got copelands clarity, so thats settled, but for the other slot i got following options:

    Sandmans 640 trinket
    Shards og Nothing 655 trinket
    PvP with proc 620 trinket

    Im thinking of going with Sandman, but im not sure.

    Another question: Is shattered hand weapon enchant better than the expensive Mark of the frostwolf? Im confused because i get mixed answers.

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    Troubles with DPS on my Mage

    Hey guys,

    I'm playing Mage since the very beginning in 2005 and I never rerolled or some shit like that. Maybe the break after the first dungeon tier in MoP fucked all my knowledge about the mage mechanics... or I just suck.

    My damage at a boss like Mar'Gok: avg. 15.8 k dps (over 18 tries today)

    Actually I have a gearscore of 642.

    My stats are:
    Multistrike: 26.48 %
    Crit: 7.93 %
    Versatility: 3.95 %
    Mastery: 25.95 %

    Haste: 3.13 %

    My Talents:
    Frost Bomb
    Mirror Images
    Thermal Void

    My Rotation at the beginning:
    Mirror Images + Prepot (-2sek)
    Frostbolt (Fight starts)
    Icy veins + Berserk (Troll Racial)
    Frost Bomb
    *2 stacks of fingers of frost, caused by water jet*
    Frozen Orb

    My burst is pretty solid right now (mostly top5 dmg at burst-phase), than I drop to my average dps.

    Where should I troubleshoot? Rotation? Stats?

    Would appreciate some advice from you guys.


    e: deleted some parts of the story.
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