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    Warlock Challenge Mode Set Proc

    I am two golds away from the set and I have a quick question. I have seen the mmo-champ vid that shows the proc, but it only shows the proc in one type of scenery. So I am asking warlocks who have their set already, how noticeable is the proc when casting in general? In the video I saw, it wasn't as flashy as the other class procs.

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    It isn't noticeable at all, and the wings only proc at /emotes. Pretty disappointing TBH.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zinnin View Post
    It isn't noticeable at all, and the wings only proc at /emotes. Pretty disappointing TBH.
    Damn, I thought so. At least the set still looks awesome.

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    wings dont appear on jumps even? :s

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    The wings only show up if you are standing still or walking/running. They disappear if you jump or cast, so no /roar macro's with spells to bring the wings out. I put in a GM ticket about it and apparently it's a bug. The proc on the shoulders is pretty noticeable on Ultra settings but that's it. On the horns, you can't tell at all, its pretty pathetic. Really disappointing proc compared to other classes (shaman(!),rogue, DK) BUT our set definitely looks the best w/o any proc's.
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