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    Highest DPS prof.

    Hey gang, just a quick question? What is the highest DPS increase profession?

    I am a mage, with Alchemy/Herb. Gonna drop herb and pick up a DPS increase profession, and i was curious what would be the best choice for me?

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    Well all production profs are pretty balanced (last I checked) to give the same bonus stats (I think it's around 300ish) as each other right now through various means. So really you could pick any and it'll increase your DPS, and so you need to look at what else it brings to the table also.

    That said, if you want some nice burst go engineering. Synapse Springs is basically 1900 in your primary stat for 10 seconds on a 1m CD. Thats pretty nice for burst. As a mage you're not going to get as much benefit out of the other tinkers that like give you slowfall or increase your movement speed or put a shield on you. More never hurts but still.

    Since I'd assume you're either rich or have another Herber (or will level one up) maybe consider Inscription? Again with bonus stats being pretty normalized you should look at what else it brings, and the shoulder chants they make will ALWAYS sell. Plus there are rumors/thoughts that for some classes the DMF Trinket may be BiS in for well into next year. Can make a lot of money there

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    herbing is a DPS profession, macro the heal/haste buff to fireball and and go bam bam.

    all profs are about equal now, though if you say dont favor crit skinning wont be as good for you. any fight where you have less then 100% DPS time on a boss engi gets better, the glove enchant is balanced around being used on CD.
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    Just about all crafting professions are relatively equal:
    - Blacksmiths can add sockets to two pieces of gear to put additional gems into
    - Engineers have the Synapse Springs (1 minute cooldown on-use that gives you a pretty big boost to your primary stat for like 15 seconds - kinda like a 3rd trinket)
    - Enchanters have access to ring enchants
    - Scribes have access to stronger shoulder enchants
    - Jewelcrafters have access to very strong, exclusive gems (up to 3 of them)
    - Leatherworkers have access to fur linings that are stronger than normal wrist enchants
    - Tailors have access to cloak embroideries which act like a 3rd trinket as well, except proc-based.
    - Alchemy gives boosts to flask and elixir duration and potency

    Just about all of these offer the exact same stats bonuses over an extended period of time, but I believe Engineering remains the strongest because you can time that 1 minute cooldown to stack it with a LOT of other things (for example, my Warrior has his Synapse Springs, Blood Bath and Dragon Roar, all of which have a 1 minute cooldown, macrod together)

    Gathering professions are a little iffy, though. The bonuses they offer (stam/crit/haste for mining/skinning/herbalism) generally aren't that great.
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    They are only fairly equal until epic gems show up at which point jc gets screwed over and bs gets to benefit even more. Also note that unlike most professions, blacksmithing gives you the choice to increase whichever stat you like including pvp power.

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    BS is the best as you can increase what ever stat you want , even secondary stats, which are pretty good now since the gems are double primary gems.

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    i agree, bs is better overall

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    Currently BS/LW are the strongest professions.

    BS allows for secondary stat stacking while LW has a whole +10 Primary stat increase over every other profession.

    JC is currently the lowest out of the usual professions (Secondary stats are not double, like they should be. Otherwise it would be on-par with BS and above LW for many classes/specs) beating out Skinning for nearly all classes and Mining (Due to improved secondary stat gems, which are always worth more than pure stam) entirely. JC may be more useful than Herbalism for certain classes, but Herbalism can be used in conjunction with an on-use trinket and further CDs providing synergy, wheras Engineering's Tinker cannot be use in conjunction with on-use trinekts. Some specs can get extraordinary use out of JC atm, even with lower stats on the secondary stats (Mostly tanks, as Mastery > Pure stam) but as ageneral rule of thumb, JC is bad as of now.

    So Engi(For DPS with NO On-Use trinket)) > BS > Herbalism(For classes which rely on Haste and have suitable CD timers(Lock, for example)) > LW(JC for some specs) > Enchanting, Alchemy, Inscription > JC (For DPS) > Skining > Mining

    I think, anyway. As a Ret, Engi is great because I will always have something to boost ES. JC is meh, as I'd rather stack Haste but it's bearable. Herbalism might be good in conjunction with Holy Avenger, but I'd rather take the more consistent boost from BS over JC. My Lock has Herbalism and it's perfectly timed to be up with every Demon Soul, so it's a nice little boost.

    But to be fair, unless you're min/maxing it really doesn't matter too much what you choose. 320 Agi/Str/Int and so in isn't going to break the meters, neither will having a mini-trinket from Engi or Herbalism. Pick what you want to use based on what benefits you personally the most.
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    most proffessions give the same boost? but if you want to drop herbalism then pick up makes its own mats and no need to farm. you also get to run all of those old instances you didnt run while getting mats.
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    Engi synapse+bomb(off-gcd) is easily ahead.

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    All crafting professions are designed to give an average of 320 of you mainstat and 480 of your secondary stats if you choose to use that.
    But you will gain more of certain professions if you pair them up with other like JC+BS.

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    All crafting professions give the same basic benefit. However, Blacksmithing (sockets) give you more flexibility when it comes to gemming (if you ever need it) and Engineering (Synapse Springs) can be stacked with other cooldowns for increased dps.

    I'd recommend BS / Eng.

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    herbing is a DPS profession, macro the heal/haste buff to fireball and and go bam bam.
    Stop intoxinating the communitiy with such stuff.
    Even tho you got "something" it is not nrealy as powerful as real professions.
    Dont make poeple in raids with farming profs think, that they do it right.

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    Engineering is always great for any person dps'ing. Say you're fire, I'd macro it to pyroblast so you get 1900 more int on pyro.

    Or whatever.

    Followed by I would like bs.
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    tailor can be stacked with trinkets, maybe it is not that bad.

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    I know this isn't the purpose of the thread. But keep in mind, unless you are in the tip top levels of progression, raiding with a suboptimal profession set up is easily countered by simply playing better. If you mess up your rotation even once on a fight, you have just blown any advantage you had by running the 2 "best" professions.

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    Engineering is the best for 1 reason.

    In engineering, you can concentrate all your bonus stats for dps phases; however in other professions, you waste your benefits when you are not dpsing.

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    Engineer coupled with bs. Engineer is definetly the best if your timing is good, the worst if its not. With bs you can gem 640 crit vs 320 int of other professions which is more valuable than 320 int. Btw these two are the worst cost effective in terms of gold they take tons of gold to level and returns much more little then others. So if you are broke I'd go with inscription takes a few hours of herbing to 1-600.

    I'm alchemy / inscription on my mage, choose them for their low cost and decent income when I was a new player now I regret my choice, have 400k now and could level these two on one my alts and max my dps on mage =/ After all that researches I can't drop inscription (its almost full - only mop ones left) tough I will drop alchemy for engineer in next few days.

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    If you're wanting to min/max:

    Casters = BS+Tailoring

    Non-Caster dps = BS+Engineering

    Tanks = BS+JC or BS+LW, depending on whether you want to stack pure mastery or pure stamina
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    Engineering is probably one of the best ones to have atm. Synapse Springs on gloves is awesome, aswell as the extra stuff you get is always fun. :P

    The next best one is probably Blacksmith, with the extra sockets its really good now and will only get better as the expac goes on with epic gems ect. JC is the worst atm.

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