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    Unholy PvP - Runic Corruption or Blood Tap?


    So as I progress through lvl 90 PvP, I just don't know what to do, I'd rather have Runic Corruption which is passive (One button less to touch) But I've heard that Blood Tap is better, now I want to be the best I can be even though I might not like some things (If it's gonna end up with Blood Tap, I'll just adapt even though I dislike it) but I'd personally like to have Runic Corruption, so my question is, Runic Corruption or Blood Tap? For Unholy PvP.

    P.S. This was brought up in my head again after mmo.champion posted today the GuildOx chart, so I checked PvP and the first Unholy set and it contained Runic Corruption (Been using Blood Tap since people recommended it ) which made me do some research and finally, make this thread, here's the chart:


    You can see n. 14 as the first Unholy one with Runic Corruption.

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    Hope someone replies, I'd really appreciate it. Thx.
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    Blood tap is usable on demand, which is better for timing burst. There's also the fact of cc to consider, there's little point of runic corruption proccing if you are just about to get cced, the runes will regenerate anyway.

    Not sure about this source of yours, all of the high rated DKs I can see (Both frost and unholy) have chosen blood tap.

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    I would go with blood tap for control, personally. RC is neat for PvE but in PvP you need to burst sometimes and the control of that is necessary.
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    I just love the additional amount of control Blood tap gives me over my survival (I'm blood, not dps), being able to pump out extra death strikes whenever I need them. I suppose that's a bit different then what you're all talking about, but I like having control over all my resources, and RC/RE feel too random for my liking.
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    Blood Tap is ultimately the best choice for PvP not only due it being fully controllable, but also the fact that it generates a death rune which can be used for Necrotics making it pretty exclusive.

    Personally if I do PvP this season at all, I'll probably never use BT, though, because I hate relearning.
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    Thank you Cute Pony, Sha of Happiness, Bad Ass Tauren and the lovely Vereesa for your replies. /bow

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    For pvp you should always prefer abilities that have low cooldown or more control.

    Thats why trinket procs (with the standard 45 sec internal cooldown) is less wanted then use trinkets, you want to use the dps increase when you can get a kill and not when you aren't doing any damage.

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