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    Your favourite boss-kill video!

    The title is as descriptive as it needs to get, so share your favourite kill from past, present or future; it also doesn't hurt to say why.

    Even now, this is my favourite; the music fits perfectly, it's in the best raid ever designed, and contained strong lore for a final boss character. Obviously, the obligatory nerd-screams are in there, too. o/

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    i havent seen that many, but i found paragon vs 25HC al'akir. first it was a mindfuck of a boss. looked so damn hard. i loved the creativity in there kill and watching people jump off the platform and get flown back on to avoid the tornado lines was great. but the best bit was the comedy of watching them have 5 or 6 people sitting on the sidelines. the video cuts to those people sitting down and the dramatic music turns to quiet sounds. was a great vid

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    I'm tied between two world firsts : Ensidia vs Mimiron hm and Paragon vs LK 25 hm

    The best bosses I have ever seen, the musics used are awesome, and the nerdscreams are excellent too.

    (however in terms of nerdscreams, Method wins by far with Kil'Jaeden and Algalon )
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    I think I've got the best one here:

    Awesome music, completely epic ending, and was one of the most controversial / ball-busting encounters blizzard ever designed.

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    Mionelol vs. Lich King! Epic encounter, epic music, epic solo!

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    my favorite will always be Nihilum - AQ40 , the music alone made it worth watching. Although, could be because Nessaj is a close personal friend of mine. :P

    Also, they were the first to use the "glow" effect in their videos. Gave it such a special look, many others copied them after this.

    Been requesting the rest of the movie for years , they never released the rest of the instance. :P

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    I had two that I kept re-watching and listening to, because I loved the music mainly.

    SK-Gaming vs M'uru, and Nihilum vs Illidan Stormrage.

    Really helped ignite my love for raiding, those two videos. And they used utterly brilliant music.

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    Gotta be my fav below, well timed "here comes the pain"

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    some good ones posted already that i remember, i'll probably watch them again after work, one of my other personal favourites is actually my old guilds first illidan kill, which i don't think is on youtube, but i've got it on my computer, so i'll try and upload it perhaps :3

    everything was going pretty well up until the last phase when everyone slowly started dying, at 2% left there was only 3 of us left alive, i gave up trying to heal people on my resto druid and started spamming wrath, illidan killed off the other two and slowly ran across the platform towards me, he stood before me, towering high, slowly he raised his glaive above his head, as another wrath blasted into his chest, he had a few hundred hp left and it was an epic race between his glaive coming down and one final wrath cast :3

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    Can't find on YT... A beta footage of pretty much all Karazhan from a holy priest PoV.
    It made me reroll priest.

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    I always liked Tankspots Ulduar videos. I had to watch them so many times, but they were always so professionally done and the guy in the videos had a way better computer than me, I was always surprised at how good the effects were when dialed up.

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    Paragon's World First Heroic Ragnaros.

    Execution to perfection, epic music, epic encounter and a super tight finish wrap up to make THE boss kill video of Cataclysm. Also helps knowing they clocked in close to (or over) 500 wipes to snatch the kill if I remember the interviews correctly.
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    Paragon vs rag 25 hc. That fight is just so fkn epic!

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    I'll put my vote in for heroic rag as well.

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    Its not even a question, this is the best boss kill vid ever. Its not world first, but its 25 LK Heroic and is just incredibly amazing. Go to 7:00 if you don't want to watch the whole thing.


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    I must admit, I never really liked <Paragon> videos - always a bit too dull for my tastes, but their Ragnaros one was good. I also never knew about the <Nihilum> video from Ahn'Qiraj, so thanks for that!

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