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    500 pound chicken
    Severed night elf heads
    Human bone chip
    Dwarf spine
    Haunted Memento

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    Quote Originally Posted by chrisisvacant View Post
    Swift Zhevra
    me too I love it

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    Light of Elune. Something tells me it's rare than 90% of things mentioned in this thread.

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    Got this first try haha.

    Other than that i have all the random junk in the bank on my lvl 60 rogue, ironfoe, felstriker, t.5 and 4p t3

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    Armored Razzashi Raptor, a 1% drop rate mount from one of the two Amani dungeons in 4.1

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    My rarest items are the Tabard of the Argent Dawn, Haunted Memento, and Time-Lost Proto Drake.

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    I used to play on my bro's account (because we shared a computer), so my rare stuff is on his account, and my account has been kind of unlucky so far.

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    I have a few.

    The Olypics Tabard/Spirit of Competition. Wrath release tabard and recolor of Pally tier from wrath release event. TBC Release tabard. Only 2 pieces of tier 3 though sadly.

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    Tabard of the light bringer (pre TBC quest item). Also the swift zhevra (old RAF reward).
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    Arcanite Ripper. The effect is still pretty kick ass.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GuyLaDouche View Post
    Arcanite Ripper. The effect is still pretty kick ass.
    And annoying xD. That sound effect is #1 on my annoyance list with paladin healing spells at a close #2

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    Brewfest Ram (not swift)
    Swift Zherfa(?)

    Mallet of Zul'farrak
    Rhok'delar and the quiver (24 slot bag now)

    The stones you used to buy the pre wrath gear, not sure of the name
    some ZG tokens for armor (chest token)

    The BoA ring from Northrend fishing competition

    ive seen a few people mention the spirit of competition and tabard
    The tabard from the pre wrath event, awesome argent dawn tabard look

    Tabard of Frost
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    I have a full Magister's set I farmed in WotLK, none of the replica BS. Also got the Fiery Warhorse back in WotLK too on some random 4am Kara run. Have a bunch of random crap in my bank too that doesn't exist anymore but nothing truly worthwhile.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SilentStocket View Post
    Light of Elune. Something tells me it's rare than 90% of things mentioned in this thread.
    This was definitely the first thing I thought of. I've got a few neat items and mounts that are no longer available, but Light of Elune is both no longer available and consumable, so even if you had it at one point, most people have probably used it. I'm still waiting for that one special moment when it seems worth using it after all these years.

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    Quel'delar or Haunted Memento

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    I would have to say Atiesh.

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    I have a murloc suit!

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    Swift Razzashi Raptor
    Mimirion's Head
    Ashes of Alar
    Runesword of the Red (Weapon from ringing AQ gates)
    Grand Spellstone (old Warlock conjured item. Still got it in my bank)
    Scepter of the Shifting Sands
    Captain Sander's Shirt (discontinued)
    Sawbones Shirt (discontinued)
    Thug Shirt (discontinued)

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