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    Amani Battle Bear, Spirit of Competition... Nothing special really =/

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    In terms of non-soul-bound stuff, the rarest I have is the Expert Goldminer's Helmet:

    I'm trying to decide between using it for a transmog, selling it for 200K (I'll get it eventually if I try) or just keep it in my bank.

    I've got plenty of other rare BOP stuff, and I sold a Teebu's for 100K right before xpac, but that's just cause I've been playing since day 1, and everyone playing that long lots of rare stuff I'd guess.

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    Ashbringer, Tier3, some other naxx stuff. Seal of Ascension to open UBRS door back in the day. Splinter of Atiesh (on my warrior lulz) ZG mounts and some other stuff I cant come up with since I quit WoW

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    prob tabard of the lightbringer on my main or old ZG tiger
    carved ogre idol and some other tcg vanity stuff on my old main /cry - damn gms wont move it for me.
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    The rarest items I own are probably my Blazing Hippogryph, Competitor's Tabard, and the original version of Quel'Serrar.

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    Mount wise, i got both original zg mounts and togc 10 wolf

    weapons, i got tfury, and off hand glaive

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    Ashes of Al'ar or Moist Towelette (not sure how many people have saved those all this time since they became BOP) or main hand war glaive on a mage.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ChaosWolf View Post
    This demands explanation.
    It was a bug during the last Hallow's end event. Instance server went down at the loading screen of the Headless Horseman LFG teleport, and then I logged back in after a while I ended up in the old Scarlet Monastery: Graveyard with no Horseman but all mobs and bosses alive.

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    i have on my BoA pvp sword an enchant that doesnt exist anymore..its called fiery blaze. i also have alot of loot from the old zanalarian dungeons before they were made normal.
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    Invincible and anathema/benediction.

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    T3 chest and boots.

    Also got Hero of the Alliance if that counts as an item. Full old ZG set on rogue + the fist weapon set including the leather stuff from ZA and the Zul'jin dagger.
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    Nothing amazing - the headless horseman's mount.

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    Teebu's! Also a few discontinued mounts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mithfin View Post
    It was a bug during the last Hallow's end event. Instance server went down at the loading screen of the Headless Horseman LFG teleport, and then I logged back in after a while I ended up in the old Scarlet Monastery: Graveyard with no Horseman but all mobs and bosses alive.
    Happened to me too! It was awesome until I realized it was the last time ever I'd see the old monastery graveyard.
    Then it was still awesome, but also kind of sad.

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    Rarest item i own is my arcanite ripper... Bust out a face melter ftw!

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    The horseman's mount from Karahzan.
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    Spirit of competition
    Haunted memento
    Reins of the Crimson Death Charger, not that rare, but a lot rarer than half the crap people are listing here, I also go it fairly cheap when they were being dupped a load, I kept my eye on a legit seller who was essentially being forced to lower his BO to match the duppers, I made my move then ;p
    I also have a head from the drake that used to be at the duskwood portal (on zee DK)
    Grand Black War Mammoth, however I didn't think it was that rare, I got it on the lock one week during a alt run, the next week on my druid alt run, shame we didn't know about Acc wide mounts someone offered me 100k for it during wrath -.-

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    I would love for some pictures.

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