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    I went back to play it with a friend a month or so ago. And there's still huge rvr battles going on.

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    WAR was all about RvR anyway, even crafting was released in "pre-alfa" quality and state Aww, I remember good old times when I was one of 3 main 60min (later 30min) buffs maker, made tons of gold

    Couldn't play it anymore, if they updated to GW2 smoothnes, then WAR is back on 1st place

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    Only Warhammer 40k interests me. I did try this out on release though and needless to say, I was back to WoW in a month.
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    That game had great potential but problems. My favorite was when they decided that my server should be opened for new players. Yes, it was needed, we were low pop . . . but they let about 10 Order guilds come in for 1 Chaos and after that, we could not win anything in PvP because we were outnumbered all the time.

    And if you think Blizzard sucks at balancing classes in PvP . . . Mythic makes Blizzard look good.

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