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    Quote Originally Posted by ddk View Post
    I mean, a 10 or even a 5% drop I could understand. Rare, but doable. But a sub 1% drop rate just makes its entire existence pointless other than the complete fluke chance that it not only drops but that you win it on a character during the week or two duration of the character's existence that it'll actually be useful.
    I bolded your KEY word.... it would be RARE... well guess what it's epic item not a rare item. I farmed for the epic piece from Sunken Temple day over day with my guild until I finally got it and it made it more of an achievement.
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    The point is Blizzard is trying to provide for multiple play styles this expansion, those epics, while nice for raiders, are really for players who will do nothing but run 5 mans all expansion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MaximusRex View Post
    The point is Blizzard is trying to provide for multiple play styles this expansion, those epics, while nice for raiders, are really for players who will do nothing but run 5 mans all expansion.
    Now that the tabard/reputation system is retired, who is running 5mans at all?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gnarles Malarkey View Post
    Now that the tabard/reputation system is retired, who is running 5mans at all?
    It's still the fastest way to valor cap.
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    Quote Originally Posted by b0sanac View Post
    It's still the fastest way to valor cap.
    Dailies = fastest, heroics = easiest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gnarles Malarkey View Post
    Now that the tabard/reputation system is retired, who is running 5mans at all?
    Since as DPS my queue time has been about the same as it has since LFD was introduced in Wrath, I would say a lot of people are.

    I know its hard for the some of us who like to push the boundaries of the game to accept, but not everyone raids, in fact the reason they made raiding more open with LFR is because they felt they were wasting a lot of content that only a small amount of people were seeing.

    Some people will never do anything but quest, others will do nothing more then 5 mans. The loot from quests and 5 mans are for those non-raiders, which according to a post I saw from Blizzard, is about half of the community.

    I don't know why its so hard for people to accept that there are game styles not their own.

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    Quote Originally Posted by schwarzkopf View Post
    Dailies = fastest, heroics = easiest.
    Doing different things to cap valor = More interesting (for some).

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    You know what's worse than the crappy drop chance of the heroic items? The loot disparity in LFD.

    The amount of 1H AGI weapons this expac compared to 1H STR weapons. Why give them so many choices? 2 (+1 epic) STR 1hrs vs 5 (+2 epic) AGI 1hrs (discluding daggers).

    There's also no actual tank weapons that drop from Heroics, just hozen slicer which gets rolled on by everyone that can use it in the group when it drops. And, to add insult to injury, in the same instance drops an epic "tanking weapon" at the end that will also get rolled on by everyone in the group.
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    It's the same reason there are world drops. It is not something you are ever intended to try and get. Its just something that may happen to add a random reward to a particular encounter. The whole point is that they will be very uncommon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tides View Post
    At least it beats the crap outa the model in Wrath where everyone pretty much had full epic gear before 2 weeks had passed. I like this model.
    The only reason people would have had a lot of epics the first few weeks of Wrath is that the raids were easy and there were lots of bosses to get loot from. You could also run both 10 and 25 man versions. I dont think any class could fill out epics with the ilvl200 ones that dropped from heroics because there werent enough for every slot. Add to that the fact that you could only do them once per day where now you can LFD everything over and over. Basically if T14 was as easy as T7 and you could run both versions every week you would see people in full epics just as fast.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bals View Post
    if you are looking at wowhead's drop rate information, it is not accurate at all.
    the drop rate includes all normal and heroic kills.
    the epics never drop on normal so the rate displayed is vastly lower than the actual rate.
    the actual rates are probably 1-2%
    Wowhead separates drops if you click on the "Heroic" or "Normal" filter at the top of the list. There are still some, maybe most, items with <1% chance to drop. Some are higher though like 1.5% so IDK if it was designed hat way or wowhead doesnt have a large enough sample. Its probably supposed to be 1%.

    The whole thing kind of goes along with JP gear which is basically worthless, especially if you didnt max JP at the end of Cata. Heroics are easy enough without JP gear and by the time you get enough JP to buy anything you have all your slots filled anyway. At least they removed rep from them(6 weeks of dailies for AC JP gear?) but they are still a waste of time.

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    I dont see the point to them either but its nice that they r there

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    they are basically put in there so few lucky hardcore raiders get them and do some extra dps during first weeks of progress. i was doing scarlet/scholo runs in the beginning, but now with heroic on farm there is no actual need.

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    Dagger dropped at Gate of the Setting Sun on the very first day of release. My first Sha crystal!!

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    Once I've seen Epic 2h sword drop from Mogu'shan Palace it's not even marked on loot journal but still it dropped. Only epic drop so far what I've seen.

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    Janir, i realy hope that sword drops for me (until i get a starshatter at least), 30+ mogu palace runs thus far and no drop. I do Mogu daily.

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    I've done more than 200 heroics (3 alts) and I've yet so see an epic loot in them...
    It's kinda the same in my guild and on my server in general - I can't believe how some guys here state that many / most of their mates got them, seems just off.

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    Perhaps it is because of disenchanting.

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    The whole idea that you should only get better gear if you need it for raid encounters is fucking myopic.
    When it comes down to it, this game is founded on gear progression, and while raiders who are actually doing things on a competitive basis make more use out of the gear, that doesn't mean everybody else doesn't get an improved experience from improving their gear.

    The backbone of this game is doing stuff to see your stats and numbers improve. Who are you to say someone doesn't deserve that improvement for questing or pvp or what the hell they want to use it for just because it's not being used to get them past that tiny window of content in a raid you think it's designed for?

    I've raided quite a bit in this game, but I think the idea raiders have that they should get a private reward just shows they aren't in it for a challenge, they want prestige just like the people they are dismissing. The way you improve you character in WOW is through gear, whether through cosmetic matching sets or through more stats.
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    Can't believe that people are asking questions like this.
    Quote Originally Posted by Rassium View Post
    I like General Off-Topic. It's really cool to see people with My Little Pony avatars advocating for genocide.

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    I would prefer if purples were actually rare, not just something reserved for areas of the game where bigger stats are a vital factor,....rare as in small % of a chance to drop for anyone. Not something you can set out to do if you want to jump through the hoops. They shouldn't be guaranteed. The rarer they are, the more prestigious.
    You can have higher stats as high as you want, just keep them to rare quality text. World drops and super small % epic drops in vanilla WOW before people were raiding seemed so much more special and mysterious in those days.

    Then you just saw the people who managed to get with the top guild on the server farming the epic farm as they all stood around the Ironforge Bank doing nothing but standing on the bridge to the auction house or the steps. I managed to get in on that for the tail end of MC and into BWL and AQ. I wish it stayed something rare, and not something guilds could just farm if they had the numbers.
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