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    Seahawks 2nd most hated team in the league

    Pretty much topic says it all I dont know what my beloved Seahawks have done to the league but I bleed Blue White and Green. I wanted to know what teams do you HATE with a passion? My personal team I hate are the Raiders, Broncos and the Steelers

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    What gets you at the Seahawks at the second most hated? Sure, playing at Qwest can be a royal pain in the ass, but that doesn't get them hated.

    I am fairly certain that the teams that most people love to hate are: The Patriots, The Ravens (My favorite), The Steelers, and the Jets. THe first because they pretty much have no morals (cheating via filming practice). The Ravens due the the mouthiness of several players, and their physical playstyle. The Steelers, see: The Ravens with less mouthiness due to lack of Suggs. The Jets because of their cocky coach, players, and the fact that they think they are the best team in the NFL and publicize that. Sure, a team needs confidence, but the Jets... I love to hate them.
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    Who hates the Seahawks? They are terrible. The most hated teams in the league are the most popular. IE Patriots, Steelers etc.

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    I despise the Giants. I hate everything about them. I cannot stand Eli Manning. Can't stand Coughlin. And I still hate Michael Strahan. Hate the Eagles and Skins to a lesser extent. But they don't drive me as nuts as the Giants. Can you tell I'm a Cowboy fan?

    The only other team I really dislike is New Orleans. They are never half the team the media hypes them as. Drew Brees was one bad game from being benched and cut in SD. He was playing for his job and managed to look good for a few games. Then bolts to NO and suddenly everyone wants to call him the greatest QB in the history of history. And I just generally got sick of the "Oh good for them. Good for that city" crap the day after it started.

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    Where on earth did you get that from OP, I'd love to see a source or a poll from somewhere that states people hate the 'Hawks.

    I'm pretty sure Robbyjawz nailed it with most hated teams (while simultaniously also being very beloved teams ) and I doubt Seahawks would even make the top 16.

    I'm a Patriots fan so I can at least confidently state that my team is the most hated team in football without having to resort to sources :P

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    stupid seahawks made me lose a point in my NFL picks >.< They r supposed to be my free point to win they just HAD TO WIN

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    Jets and Cowboys. That's mostly because of the Ryan brothers though. Don't think either of them are good coaches and they need to talk less.

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    No idea where you got that from OP. Looking at the top results on Google from this year, I don't even see the Hawks in the top 10 most hated teams lol. Why would they be more hated than:
    Dallas- "America's team" everyone hates them for winning in the 90s and loves to see them lose when Romo blows games
    Steelers- Stupidly successful lately, a QB who rapes people and nearly ends his career riding motorcycles, led by a guy on defense who loves to headshot defensless guys.
    Patriots- Also incredibly successful, some claim by cheating, which has some support with their taping of the Rams practice. Plus, fuck everything Boston.
    Jets- Rex Super Bowl Guarantee Ryan. Enough said
    Raiders- Biggest douchebag fans potentially in sports
    Eagles- mostly related to Vicks past

    I don't see how anyone could dislike the Hawks at all unless they hate Pete Carrol. They have arguably the best fans in sports in Seattle. They haven't been that successful. There is just no motivation to hate.

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    Surely the Eagles (and Eagles fans) are on there somewhere. Between Reid, McNabb, Vick, T.O, and their tendency to talk a lot of shit and then shit the bed when it comes time to put up or shut up, I've had a lot of people give me the stink eye for wearing my jersey.

    As for me? Cowboys, Redskins, Giants, and the Patriots.

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    Teams like being hated. It gives them media coverage and attention.

    I don't really hate any team, If I had to choose It would be the Cowboys. I'm a Cowboy's fan, and I can't stand to even watch their games. Wildly unpredictable, and Jerry Jones Is a moron

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    Quote Originally Posted by conscript View Post
    Raiders- Biggest douchebag fans potentially in sports
    Gee thanks.

    There's far worse clubs in Association football than anything the NFL has; Leeds Millwall and Liverpool all instantly spring to mind.

    Anyway excluding the divisional rivalries and endless arguments with Broncos fans (who are rather quiet this year) and Chargers fans (who talk a big game and choke a bigger one in the postseason) my only bitterness lies with the Patriots over the damn Tuck Rule game and how things may have been very different.

    I suppose watching from afar it doesn't have the same impact as I guess it does on the other side of the Atlantic.

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    Fengore, have you been to a Raiders game in Oakland? It's not uncommon to have batteries thrown at you if you're supporting the other team. Never doing that again.
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    The Black Hole has nothing on Philly fans. There is a reason the old Vet had a courthouse built in underneath the stadium.

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    My guess for why the Seahawks could potentially be hated or disliked is two-fold. On one hand, they aren't very successful. Unless you're somehow invested or affiliated with an underdog in question, people tend to look down on the scrubs and lessers of a group (the group in this case being the NFL...even though all of the players are certainly talented no matter how they compare to the rest of the league).

    On the other hand, the mascot and color schemes of the team could be condsidered quite lame compared to what other teams have. A SEAhawk? Really? Not even just a regular hawk which would be more striking as a symbol, it just had to be a fruity, boring seahawk. Not very intimidating or interesting compared to a bear, buccaneer, or even a raven, which has multiple cultural ties to the macabre, majestic, and the spiritual in different world regions. The colors are also one of the most disappointing of the league. Green, blue, and white are all fine, but the tints chosen and even just the colors themselves being grouped with each other are reminiscent of something childish, like what an 8 year old might want on his bed sheets and blanket.

    Of course, these aren't things that a team should be judged on (aside from the being a terrible team part), but I'm sure that the great majority of people who are aware of football but don't really care too heavily about what really matters about it would be influenced by them when forming an opinion on a team.

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    Going to have to disagree with you dippinsawse. I am a Cardinals fan, so I generally dislike the Seahawks just because of divisional stuff, but I find their uniform color scheme to look pretty good and if I am doing Superstar on Madden or something I enjoy being on the Seahawks for that reason.

    I just hate the Patriots and the Jets. Patriots because of how many bandwagon friends I know, and Jets because their head coach will not shut up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Badpaladin View Post
    Fengore, have you been to a Raiders game in Oakland? It's not uncommon to have batteries thrown at you if you're supporting the other team. Never doing that again.
    Going to the Black Hole is on my list of "Things to do before I die"

    Unfortunately as it is getting to America alone is a huge expense. Sadly having things thrown at fans and players is all too common over here in other sports, it's one of the things I'd rather see stamped out alltogether.

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    No one hates the Seahawks, If the Seahawks were in my divisions I would love them, 2 free wins each season? I'll take it.

    That being said, the most hated teams are the best teams. Personal, I love my Pats. I know all you guys hate them, and If i were you I'd hate us too. If i were you I'd at least admit that I hate the Pats because of how good they've been for so long, and in most cases how much I'd want my team to be that good for even a year or two. I wouldn't hide behind the 'cheating' cop out. Anyone who knows what actually went on understands how minor that was (it was literally a "you can tape from other angles, but not THAT angle" issue), knows that many other teams were doing the same thing, and that the Pats were punished much harder than necessary. Let's be honest, if the Seahawks were in question, it wouldn't have been a national story, and it wouldn't have resulted in them losing a 1st round pick. The bottom line is that the whole country made a giant deal of a little thing because they were sick of losing to New England and instead of accepting that they needed to get better to beat New England they jumped on the "its not fair they're cheating' bandwagon with out knowing what was actually happening. Personally, I'd rather a team that gives credit to its opponent when it loses, and realizes that it needs to improve, than a team that looks for excuses. But hey, not everyone has that attitude.... or 3 rings in 10 years.....

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    I hate Kansas City Chiefs the most then Cowboys then any NY team in any sport. I'm pretty much am sick of NY being shoved down people necks since 9/11. All you hear is Im a New Yorker this and that. The people from new York act like they are the toughest people and have the best teams in every sport and are better than you. On second thought I put New York teams at the top of the List in any sport.
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    I love all the Jets hate.. keep it coming It means we're actually relevant again and far from the horrible days of Richie Kotite and co.. if you're not a Jet fan, I can see how you would hate Rex, but I love him and the confidence he exudes.. and he's underrated as a coach.. people don't see how well he adjusts in the 2nd half of games

    I hate the Pats now for obvious reasons, but growing up, it was always a dog fight between them and the Jets for last place. The Pats were a joke before 2001.. Pats fans should thank the Jets for ending Drew Bledsoe's NE career, opening the doors for Brady.. you have to stop and wonder what would've happened had Bledsoe stayed healthy... would the Pats have been nearly as successful? What if Bellichick stayed and coached the Jets instead of quitting the day he was named..

    Personally, I hate the Fish(Miami) and Jills(Buffalo) because those 2 were the good teams in the AFC East growing up..

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    The Raiders should be the second most hated team in the nation, but only because I don't want the Raiders to be ranked first at anything.

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