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    Market worth of Reins of Poseidus?

    Just looted it and as a Druid I don't really care about it if I can use the gold to buy a few items

    How much do you think it's worth? With Zandalaris Islands upcoming, ppl might be interrested in the aquatic mount speed :P

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    Same speed as sea turtle. At most, 25k

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    According to https://theunderminejournal.com/item.php?item=67151 average price is about 100k
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    Depends heavily on the server. Some servers, even high-population, will not support a 100k price. You'll spent weeks putting the same item up every two days before finally having to drop the price by half. If I were you, I'd look at other similar items on your AH then price maybe 25% higher for a week or two then come down only as far as the highest other rare mount.
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    This item is not worth the price unless you -really- want it. It swims at a very slow speed(outside of vashjir) even slower than the quest one in Vashjir(while in vashjir). The only perk I found to having it was that I could ride it in the dalaran fountain.

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