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    I think players just have to accept that with the new Blizz MMO in full development WoW cannot ascend to anything more than the mere shadow of its former self we have been seeing for a while now.

    All the money, all the talent, all the innovation goes straight to Titan.
    Not saying that is not understandable, just saying you dont always get what you pay for. Until a few years from now when you gladly buy their new next gen mmo after years of being trolled by WoW. The cycle closes.

    WoW might see some questionable "improvements" like the CRZ's that nobody ever asked for or would have asked for but it's not far fetched to think they just want to test the new tech for their new game out on the existing one even though, for example in this case and for a lot of servers CRZ is not an improvement but has massive detrimental effects. I dont even want to imagine what it will do to MoP zones on full servers once available....

    And they always enjoyed "testing" their player reactions. (you dont really think anybody at bizz hq is surprised at warriors and hunters in pvp right now, do you? They are probably having a laugh about it right about now) Then again, as the saying goes 'Never ascribe to malice that which is adequately explained by incompetence' ... Either way, Titan cant come quickly enough, I'd like to be able to see and play what I am paying for today :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Briga View Post
    Greens won't get you into LFR with its 460 ilevel requirement.
    You don't need reputation epics either to queue LFR. There a plenty of alternatives... Justice points items, Dread wastes blue items from quest rewards. There is also Sha (won't even talk about Galleon) and there are all of the heroics gear. To someone with gold, you can buy cheap epics from professions and world drops.

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    I have heard it over and over and I agree. It's too much Blizzard

    I think they catered to the whiners that said didn't have enough to do they made bag space a serious issue, gave us tons of cool stuff we have no room for and jammed everything in our face, like, there...take this and like it.

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    Don't do them then? I do them occasionally when I'm bored, gaining rep slow and steady. Nobody forces you to do dailies every single day. And I also have unlocked already more gear than I have VP for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xeraxis View Post
    It's so hard to keep up with you posters that quit on a daily basis.
    You said it. The constant adolescent whining and threats of quitting deserve nothing more than to be ignored.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PowerGamez View Post
    MV normal is balanced for 463. Higher level raids I.e. HoF/ToES and heroic modes require higher ilvl gear.

    So what's your point? You want to skip MV? You are supposed to gear up through the raids, not jump from one to the next after one clear or so.... You can don normalMV to gear up for HoF...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pancaspe View Post
    Thorium Brotherhood called from Vanilla to call all of you a bunch of soft whiners.
    Funny how i see you, use this argument everytime.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xolotl View Post
    I think players just have to accept that with the new Blizz MMO in full development WoW cannot ascend to anything more than the mere shadow of its former self we have been seeing for a while now.

    All the money, all the talent, all the innovation goes straight to Titan.
    So we get a new expansion that has:
    - New land to discover
    - New raids
    - New dungeons
    - New abilities
    - New/fun mechanics in quests and on bosses
    - New class
    - New talent system
    - Challenge dungeons
    - Scenarios
    - Pet battles
    - Farming (Tillers)

    - hundreds of new quests
    - etc.

    And you dare to say there's no innovation? Besides the items in normal type that are maybe not that innovative, still the ones in bold are actually innovations in my book....

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    i'm not sure if this has been said, but the real problem with dailies is that they aren't hard.

    there isn't anything quite as boring as being invincible, without the threat of losing there is no joy in victory.

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    Wait so your mad you can't throw on a tabard and be done in one day? Sounds to me like you started playing in wrath good sir.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Atrahasis View Post
    The "choice" is yours. I'd rather not have this entire expansion turn into cataclysm 2.0. So I'm out until they fix this BS.
    I find that comment ironic, given that the "fix" people are proposing would actually turn this into Cata 2.0. People idling in major cities, wearing a tabard, and doing everything through queues.

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    post armory so we can see if you lie

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    This is a lot of hot air about nothing surely. You don't even need exalted to buy valour gear, only revered. I am actually enjoying having stuff to do! We have a great menu to choose from, a pity some people just want fast food.

    I for one am loving the dailies, and enjoying seeing the realm community out in the max level zones rather than sat in cities queueing. You know what is great? Playing on a RP-PvP server and killing the twerps from Alliance side.

    P.s If you spent as much time in game questing as you do on the forums moaning, you'd be exalted by now.
    "If you look out of the window as a human being, at nature, all of nature is unconditionally and absolutely beautiful wherever it is. Whether it's a jungle. Whether it's a desert. Whether it's the Arctic wastes. Or even your own back garden. The only ugly things you will ever see when you look out of the window are things made by man." - Stephen Fry

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    I'm sorry you expected completely new content from Blizzar, inspite of what the past expansions have shown. It's all my fault.

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    This whining is all about getting tired, not realising that you just need a few days break.
    Just got exalted with klaxxi yesterday, half a way to exalted with lotus, half way to revered with shado-pan(no need more then revered)
    , haf way to revered with celestials (no need more then revered), an i did not do them every day. I knew when to take a break and spend an evening with a bottle(my choise), and i also know that in a matter of 10-15 days i'll be done with it. I can wait for 15 days for the hell of MOP to go away and be free to chose only the things i enjoy.
    If you're not strong enough for this right now - don't whine, just relax and keep on when you feel it's the reight itme for it. Anyway it's just the beginning of MOP

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    Not enough content leads to QQ. Overwhelming amount of content leads to QQ. Poor Blizzard, no matter what they do people still find ways to do nothing but complain.

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    Quote Originally Posted by procyan View Post
    Not enough content leads to QQ. Overwhelming amount of content leads to QQ. Poor Blizzard, no matter what they do people still find ways to do nothing but complain.
    Extremes are never good, no matter the domain. Balance is what keeps things going.

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    First off, you do NOT get the same exact dailies every day for any of the factions. Secondly, the Klaxxi dailies DO affect the zone and the quest hub itself as do Shado-Pan but to a much lesser degree. Lastly, you do not have to do every faction every day. Just do the ones you have time for and the ones that lead to the rewards you want the most. It's all about the mounts by the way so you do need to get exalted. Gear gets replaced, mounts are forever. I have my Cloud Serpent and Crane so far and I'm getting close to the Shado-Pan tiger.

    Finally, stop whining because there is so much to do at level 90 that you can't find the time for it. This is a huge improvement over what we have seen in any of the previous expansions.
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    no worries, the gear that you get is not that fundamental, craft and other stuff you can buy. Soon there will be a way to spend your Valor/Justice regardless of your reputation. If you find the daily monotonous and boring it's your prerogative, don't do them and you will be fine, concentrate on instances/challenge modes/scenarios or anything else you feel fun

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    Quote Originally Posted by Atrahasis View Post
    And ultimately leaves with you very little to do progression wise. If you don't like dailies what are your options. Dungeons are finished at 463. LFR is once a week. So either pug raid or try and pvp I guess. The system currently has a huge hole in it.
    The current system is about as good as it's ever been for a casual player. At some point, getting things or pushing progression will require a greater commitment, this is true of everything you'll ever do in life including this particular game. If you consider sports, games, then you realize the guys who put in the greatest number of reps into it will typically improve but it takes a level of commitment on their part. Likewise studies, while not a game it's more likely than not that a person putting more time in will see greater rewards. That's not to say there aren't people that can roll out of bed and be the best athlete or ace every test... but like everything else in life, not everyone has the same skill sets or available time, so either a person makes it work or accepts what they can and cannot do based on the amount of time they are able to commit to things.. I'm not saying that to be dismissive, it's just reality.

    I've never asked my sports leagues to change their schedule for me, I've had to adjust mine. I've never asked my firm to adjust their hours for my life, I have had to adjust mine. The game is yet another choice and time sink for me, one that has required me to juggle things at times. But it's not like the situation is as hopeless as you constantly try to paint it. If LFR isn't cutting it, a person can either try to squeeze a regular raid group into the equation or try to form a regular pug for people with similar time constraints. It really isn't that hard to find people with similar schedules if you just try to put a pug together and then ask them why they aren't raiding with a guild or what their availability might be. But again, that would take effort on the individuals part, instead of throwing their hands up and pretending Blizzard has failed.

    At the end of the day, some will decide they don't want yet another hobby or commitment in their lives and cut bait. More power to them. I do feel for the people who enjoy the game and simply cannot work it into their schedules, so that have put the game on hold entirely but that doesn't really seem to be the situation in your case.

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