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    Voljin looks exactly like on the loading screens. Or as close as i would expect with wows graphics. Pleased.

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    I don't know why but Vol'jin makes me think of an owlkin...not a bad model overall though.
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    so this quest isn't for legendary weapons, its just for a powerful gem?

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    ... The monk changes T.T

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    only monk changes? cmon, when are they going to activate the lock questline? I couldn't care less about voljin

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    I like the detail and such on Vol'jin, except the ears. Just looks like his head is about to pop off and fly away as a bat. They could do with altering his wing-like ears. Make them less wide, or curl the ear tips forward more like in the loading screen.

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    What is Blizzard trying to do with Brewmasters.......

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    Why? Why do they keep hitting my favorite sexy troll with the ugly bat? Whhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyy. /cry He's developing the same too-small head that Garrosh's model was given and oh geez what did they do to his ears! I can see his teeth (barely) but where is the rest of his mouth? I'm happy to see the return of troll-themed armor, but what is that thing on his back?

    I should have seen this coming, considering how closely this appearance matches with the art for Vol'jin from the Battlecry wallpaper in 2010. I think I need a hug.

    Edit: No, I don't look at loading screens. :/ I tab out to my internet browser while I wait. Maybe I should try to break myself of the habit...
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    I don't mind the new Vol'Jin model, though I liked the old one. I want to see him to a /roar emote, cause those tusks make his his mouth look so damn small.

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    So no gems for tanks even though there will be tank shield..

    Vol'jin looks like an old human witch woman in the face...Run Hans and Greta, RUN!!! Wicked witch is gonna getcha!

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    Ah Vol'jin, you finally got a true leader model, and it is a good one! =D

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    Quote Originally Posted by Archdruid Dehydrate View Post
    OMG I wanna be Troll now !!!
    Why? The normal troll model is still made up of 10 polygons and 3 pixels.

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    Vol'jin for Warchief!

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    I like the new model.

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    Aside from the bat ears, Vol'jin's new look is pretty awesome.

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    Pretty cool loading screens!

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    So they did buff Vol´jin up...
    I really hope they don´t do that with the new troll player models, i don´t want to play a muscle troll.

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    Brewmasters are really in need of some love... Not a nerf! Think it might be time to roll another tank class tbh

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    What's up with those ears? And that thing on his back looks like a sackpipe (or what it's called).
    Other than that, nice look!

    About those gems, are they only usable in the Sha touched weapons? or in any gem slot?

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    pfft as if you care..
    "Pet Battles I Choose You"

    not a pokemon ripoff my arse blizzard....

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