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    ^ You see Trolls have very specific features that's why so many artists draw them do differently.

    Let's have a look on Zul'Jin :

    I on the other hand draw them how they look in game :

    *Watches a current ptr vid with Vol'jin's new model. Looks at Ramz's altered version. Watches vid again* Well, Ramz, you've officially spoiled me with your edit. To me, the only saving grace for the official model is that in-game view is zoomed out enough to where it's not as easy to see how oversized his ears and tusks are. I can't even think about running behind him, at least not on his right side. For those of you that like troll butt, that's all yours lol.
    I tend to be perfectionist xD

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trassk View Post
    its troll warpaint. a troll chieftain is meant to look fearsome to his enemies.

    He's still hawt though!

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    Not ugly, he's a stud and you know it! Say it! *pokes with stick*
    Oh my God, we get it, you're gay.
    Quote Originally Posted by Raferis
    Who the hell is so vain that they make one of their own quotes their signature?

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    Well, yes, that's why I don't see some people complain about Vol'jin's unique features like his ears and tusks. Having unique features add more character and makes important characters stand out. They are still a part of the troll's specific features, but unique.
    The trolls in the pictures I linked have very unique features as well, and were also drawn by Blizzard's own artist as original concepts.

    I'm not saying your ideas are bad, Ramz. They look really neat as well, but there is really nothing that have to be changed in his current design. It is a very good design which makes him stand out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Raferis View Post
    Oh my God, we get it, you're gay.
    Traask likes to remind us of his orientation because he thinks it means that it makes him unbiased.

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    why was this model even added?

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    Looks like shit. Should have updated the model but kept the mask IMO.

    If Garrosh and Vol'jin are the direction that orc and troll character models are going if/when they get around to it, I'm going back to the Alliance, friends or not.
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    That edit looks much better than the current, Ramz, well done. Would be nice to see those slight changes happening.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Verdugo View Post
    Traask likes to remind us of his orientation because he thinks it means that it makes him unbiased.
    Naw I just really like to rub it in.

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    That is how he should look. I was dissapointed when i saw him at first :/ current version that is

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    Nice necro

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    Quote Originally Posted by melkesjokolade View Post
    That is how he should look. I was dissapointed when i saw him at first :/ current version that is
    kel'thuzad, is that you?
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