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    What to use for OH as combat

    ive been quite fortunate today in that i got the fist weapon from LFR this morning and then got the normal version during the guild run this evening. I also have the raidfinder dagger from first boss.

    Now im not sure which setup to use duel fist (normal in mh and raid finder in oh) or fist/dagger. Im still a bit hazy on the way it works now
    Have you ever stepped on a lego piece while barefoot?

    Can you recall that exquisitely piercing and utterly unforgettable pedal agony? Now imagine what would happen if you were to step on between 10 and 25 angry, well armed lego pieces which are all acting in brutal concert, and tell me how that would go for you.

    Plus they have magic and sharp objects.

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    For weapons of the same ilevel, in offhand comparisons, if you can killingspree ideally, the slow offhand is slightly better, particularly while cleaving. For single target, when KS can't be used ideally, the dagger is ahead. We've got more than a few threads on this topic.

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