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    Every night in my dream, I see you... I feel youuuuuu

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    No I've never cried watching Titanic.

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    Didn't cry the first time. Might cry if I had to sit through that shit again though.

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    I only cried because my sis decided to sing the damn Celine Dion song like a thousand ***king times, everyday for 3 months. I still know the cursed lyrics to this very day because of her.

    I do cry when I watch the Green Mile though. I mean, damn, that ending...

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    I've never cried to Titanic. I cried at the end of Armageddon though.

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    Of course. When Jack falls asleep and she just lets go after 2 minutes prior she said she'd never let go, like come on. For real though, not really, and when I saw it when I was 7, I didn't cry. Maybe if the music was more touchy. It still is a really epic movie to me though, the entire ship sinking was spectacular.

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    I have watched Titanic about 5-6 times now. And I do still cry a little at some parts. Can’t resist masterful melodrama. One of the best movies I have ever seen. And I have seen many movies. The first time was something special though. I was like a waterfall.
    Straight male here by the way. I have strong empathy. Sometimes I even feel I have too much.

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    With that question, you're implying that I've at least cried once during that movie. I fucking hated that movie.

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    Any single scene of Hachi: A Dog's Tale has more feelings and reasons to cry than the whole Titanic movie and 320 re-watchings of it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stormcall View Post
    Didn't cry the first time. Might cry if I had to sit through that shit again though.
    You beat me to it!

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    I didn't as a kid, was more fascinated about the ship sinking. However being older, I watched it last April with the whole 3D thing and my eyes were damp at the end, didn't cry cry though. I don't know what happened I just get more emotional as I get older ;_;
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    Yes I do still cry when I watch Titanic.............. because its so bad

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    Well first off, I never cried when I watched it when I was 10. I haven't watched it since then because the movie is horrible in my opinion.

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    Nope, but the older I get, the more easily I cry at sentimental stuff in films / tv :< especially with kids involved

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    I never did, I laughed some though

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ifeanychukwu View Post
    Never have before =3 Did cry during a few episodes of Futurama though.... Goddamn Jurassic Bark episode.
    In the Bender's Big Score, the timeline was changed so that Seymour lived a long and happy life.

    That is what I repeat to myself as I tear up watching that episode.

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    If someone forced me to watch it, yes, I would cry.
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    I always smile when the brave captain guy smartly salutes then shoots himself.

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    Titanic? No. It's kinda hard to cry at that, the movie doesn't make me feel emotional, at all.

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