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    Need Help HUNTER in Raid Low DPS

    Hi all this is my first post although I've been lurking and reading these forums for quite a while. Basically having issues with our hunter's dps in raid. I know that the class as a whole is not in the best spot for PVE dps and thats about all I know. I have never played/leveled a hunter so its very hard for me to scrutinize a log or provide tips and try to help him catch up in dps. He seems to do decent on the lighter movement fights but having a harder time when heavy movement comes at us. Posting armory and some logs below. PLEASE HALP! Is it just the class or are there things he is just missing ie-talent/reforge/CD usage. I really want to help him achieve a higher level of play before having to go down the road of benching him.

    Since I'm not allowed to post links/URLS yet if someone could help me get it linked it would be greatly appreciated

    Hunter - Xorron US Frostwolf Horde Guild logs posted under Aspect-US Frostwolf

    us.battle.net /wow/en/character/frostwolf/Xorron/simple

    worldoflogs.com/reports /ejonxp9h8isj9l2x/ -Heroic Stone (Jade/Cobalt/Amethyst) + clear through to Elegon
    worldoflogs.com/reports /hfjgrze7dnfq0hc0/ Heroic Stone guard kill (Jasper/Cobalt/Amethyst), some feng wipes
    worldoflogs.com/guilds /162504/ This weeks uploads. Last two Garalon pulls on Thursday we hit enrage w/ 12-17% boss HP left.

    Any and all constructive help will be appreciate. Thank you MMOchamp Forum Goers for all of you helpful postings over the last 2 years.

    Méltdown - US Frostwolf Horde

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    Just comparing the Feng kill from your log to my guild's last kill, he seems to be making a lot of rotational mistakes. I wouldn't call Feng Normal a particularly hectic fight, so you can expect a lot of this stuff to be even more problematic on fights with heavier movement/target switches.

    -His Black Arrow uptime was only 59%; mine came in at almost 82%

    -He fired 35 fewer Explosive Shots than I did in a fight that lasted 11 seconds longer; I had 6 more LnL procs from my higher BA uptime, which accounts for a lot of that discrepency, but not all

    -He didn't prepot, which is obviously not essential on a farm boss, but if everyone else in your raid is prepotting, it widens the gap

    -He fired 2 fewer Glaive Tosses than I did and used Dire Beast 2 fewer times than I did on a fight that lasted 11 seconds longer; thats a fairly large discrepency for abilities with 15 and 30 seconds cooldowns, respectively

    -He fired 25 fewer Cobra Shots than I did in a fight that lasted 11 seconds longer; not sure how he's even filling the time he's spending not casting high priority shots

    -He fired 23 more Arcane Shots than I did; now we know where most of those Explosive Shots went

    You're right in acknowledging that Hunters aren't exactly top shelf right now, but that's not in play here. He's got ~7 ilvls on me in his current gear (I'm not sure how much that's changed since the log in question) and I did 72.3k to his 55.6k. It seems like he's just leaving large gaps completely unoccupied by casting shots, high priority or otherwise. I've seen that a lot, frankly; uneasiness with an encounter, spec or both can often be the cause, but he should be familiar enough with Feng by now.

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    Tarolib2 do you have logs that i could look at also? What type of general priority should he be following as Surv? as BM? He's a player very dedicated to the guild, but at the same time its just not possible to carry low dps to pushing new content/ heroic modes. If i could get him to pickup 20k that would be a god send. One thing that I feel may be holding him back is UI. I know he uses a minimal amount of addons aside from DBM. What would you say is mandatory to play this class at a high level? I know on my Lock I have everything tracking at all time.


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    It would be better if he himself could post here.

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    Sure, here's the log I was using to compare earlier:


    Overall, you guys are in a better position than we are, but getting more out of your hunter would be a big boost. One of my best friends is the GM of my guild and they tend to run things pretty casually, but I'm slowly trying to get them to take things more seriously, so I can sympathize.

    For priority in SV, I go with:

    Stampede > BA > Kill Shot > ES > Glaive Toss > Dire Beast > A Murder of Crows (if specced, otherwise Lynx Rush) > Arcane Shot > Cobra Shot

    I left out Serpent Sting because its a fire-and-forget type of thing, as its maintained by Cobra Shot, but its lower priority during your opener than everything but AS. aMoC is actually more important than DB, but I place it lower here because delaying it is less likely to cause you to get one fewer during the course of the fight due to the cooldown difference. That's something that he'll have to figure out based on how long the fight will last, though. ES and GT are similarly interchangeable. Rapid Fire should be used on cooldown, preferebly outside of Heroism/Bloodlust unless its going to prevent you from casting another during the fight.

    BM should have a very similar priority, with Kill Command replacing ES, BA dropping out, and Focus Fire sliding in whenever you're at 5 Frenzy stacks. BM relies much more heavily on lining up cooldowns (pairing Bestial Wrath with every other Lynx Rush, getting two KC's and one GT during its duration, never casting Cobra Shot during BW, etc.), but in terms of priority, they're similar.

    As far as addons go, aside from the obvious (DBM), the only things I find absolutely necessary are CooldownCount and NeedToKnow, or something similar. Tracking aMoC, LR, BW, Rapid Fire, etc. is definitely something he needs to do to ensure he's getting off as many casts of all of them as possible without clipping.
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    gulder- yes it would be great if I could get him to post on the forums, but he is military and doesnt have much time aside from raid to get online atm. I'm trying to do my best to give him a fair chance to really improve upon his performance so I can actively seek out advice for his class. Logs/Priority lists I can totally relate to and will help me relay to him areas of improvement.

    tarolib2 ty for the info, seems that you do a nice job on the deeps. I need my guy pulling that kind of dps. His gear at the last Feng log was a little lower, hes currently around 484 ilvl

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    It says he's not in a guild... I sure hope everything went well.

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    Semi-related to the OP:

    Try ePeen Bot when showing off WoL data, makes it easier to view / access imo.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Supakaiser View Post
    Semi-related to the OP:

    Try ePeen Bot when showing off WoL data, makes it easier to view / access imo.
    epeen just shows the dps and not the frequency of shots and usage of cooldowns... I prefer logs personally.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tehstool View Post
    epeen just shows the dps and not the frequency of shots and usage of cooldowns... I prefer logs personally.
    Yes but it also provides hyperlinks to said encounters to view such information.

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