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    Too much Hit and Exp on Gear?

    Hey Folks,

    I feel like there is too much Hit and Exp on gear at this stage of the tier.
    Almost every gear from MV or HoF has Hit or Exp on itself.

    This is just a feeling. When I browse through AtlasLoot I noticed it.

    I'm not complaining about it, just wondering if you guys feel the same


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    That's what reforging is for. I'd rather have too much and be able to reforge out while keeping caps, rather than have not enough then have to gem for it.

    Also hit/exp is useful for both tanks and DPS, so the loot can be used by more people.

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    As long as you can still stick around the caps without overshooting too much thats awesome because you get far more flexibility

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    I think it's not too bad to be honest, reforging is always there to cure the overshots!

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    And she/he's an orc with a sword. I wouldn't worry about it too much, and on some boss fights like Spirit Kings over Exp cap is not absolutely terrible because you need to stack in front for Qiang-xi.
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    I don't really find it a big problem, rather over than under cap.

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    If you have too much hit/expertise and you can't reforge out of them you could consider an off-set or even a sidegrade/downgrade if necessary.

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