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    Nothing. That lady does not know how to take a hint when nothing sells at the minimum 10k starting price.

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    Tabard of Flame and the tcg monkey pet (forgot its name).

    Wish i had enough gold to buy the Invincible Reigns a couple weeks ago

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    Quote Originally Posted by Appletini View Post
    If I ever saw them, I would buy Rocket Chicken, Dragon Kite, Riding Turtle, and X-51.

    I wish Magic Rooster Egg were buyable.
    Dragon Kite was sold tonight on my realm for 90k.
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    got the blue proto drake for 21k so now i dont have to farm the damn thing anymore
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    Some people should be forced to re-level their toons, and pay more attention to the process...

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    I am thinking about getting T3 for my rogue, but for the moment, i am still lacking loads of gold for that..

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    Quote Originally Posted by -Apathy- View Post
    Easy yes but how far will your sanity drop before it even remotely drops? Mine took 69 weeks of killing that boss :3
    After MoP I started farming for it again, and at my second kill I got lucky.

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    I'm buying all the Warlock T3 for my mage

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pencil View Post
    I still don't even know where the BMAH is.
    Same here lol (this really did make me laugh out loud, cheers!)
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    everything has gone dirt cheap so far, but I have yet to buy anything. The only thing that has been bought was some 502 holy paladin belt for like 80k.

    On a small server things like this don't go up that high, so I could probably get the full tier 3 set for like 100k, debating on it if I can even stomach to keep up with the dailies.

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    509 BiS hit/crit str ring. 57k. Bid 60k on 509 almost BIS bracers. They went for around 92k+

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    Absolutely nothing. Blew my gold reserve on the vendor yak.
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    nothing. I saw Alyzrazor as the best item so far but everything is severely overpriced.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NSrm View Post
    nothing. I saw Alyzrazor as the best item so far but everything is severely overpriced.
    Would of been a 99999999 bid if I was on your server :3 Instantly!

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    I'm still waiting on my Swift Zulian Tiger to show up. That's really all I'm pursuing on the BMAH. I have 100k set aside that I'm willing to spend on it, after doing the tiger boss in the old ZG every 3 days for over a year and never seeing it...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Migas11 View Post
    Dragon Kite was sold tonight on my realm for 90k.
    It was sold for 17k on mine. ^^

    Bought the fishing chair for 15k, saw a pair of 505 cloth boots but they went for like 87k, not worth it.

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    I might buy something if there is something I want, but only if I get lucky and can snipe it for cheap.

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    I've been sitting on a ton of gold for years now. When the BMAH was announced I knew right away that I was finally going to be able to spend down my gold on stuff that I actually want.

    Mimiron's Head
    Dreamwalker Tunic
    Dreamwalker Legguards
    Dreadnaught Gauntlets
    Dreadnaught Helmet
    Dreadnaught Sabatons

    I've been lucky so far, and I still have a ton of gold left since bids aren't going very high.

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    Ripper - 70k oh yeah.

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    Is there a site that anybody knows about similar to "The Undermine Journal" that you can see what is up to bid on for all of the servers?

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    everything is overpriced.
    Invincible's reigns sold for 999,999 yesterday

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yonasknepper View Post
    160k gold for a cat that cost 40s
    Yes, that's why I... was so aghast.
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