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    I wish they would put some cool twink stuff up on there .

    Thinking about bidding on T3 priest for my mage =]

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    I'd love to get Mimirons flying head mount but thats about it.

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    nothing because it's 90% crap. Some pet not worth anywhere near 10k is always up, then there's often a rogue/priest T3, occasionally there's a 5 man mount going for ridiculously more than I'd pay for, and once in a while a 509 item. Unfortunately the only 509 item's Ive seen that could use are crappily itemized for tanks, avoidance items are crap for paladins.

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    Got onyxia drake 2 days ago for 160k =)

    Now going to get T3 for mages.. Only have 100k left tho so will see

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    Nothing atm im saving all my coppers for Invincible if it ever shows up

    I have a feelings its gonna be a long wait but as wayne says in waynes world "It will be mine. Oh, yes. It will be mine"

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    I bought T3 priest chest for 10k and just a few days ago Heroic Boots of the Blowing wind ilvl 509 for 210k

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yonasknepper View Post
    160k gold for a cat that cost 40s
    Well now we know what Race Blizzard is....Troll
    READ and be less Ignorant.

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    I havent bought anything yet but I am keeping my eye out for something nice. I'm prepared to spend whatever I need to as long as the item makes me go "IWANTIT!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pencil View Post
    I still don't even know where the BMAH is.
    It's the "Black Market Auction House"

    As far as I can tell, it's just a gold sink...
    “Alcohol may be man's worst enemy, but the bible says love your enemy." ~Frank Sinatra

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    Nothing yet, still waiting for that mimiron's head to appear which I will certainly win or buy out. I would never spend substantial gold on gear.

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    I haven't visited it yet.

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    A lot of the stuff is way to expensive for me.. maybe one day.

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    T3 Priest hat for 10k the very first day I hit 90. Missed Rocket Chicken and the T3 Priest chest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ashcroft View Post
    everything is overpriced.
    Invincible's reigns sold for 999,999 yesterday
    Thats not over priced... it's completely worth it.

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    I put down 350k bid on Mim's head, was outbid, finished a couple of dailies (30 mins maybe) came back and the price was 999k. Sad face

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave131 View Post
    It's the "Black Market Auction House"

    As far as I can tell, it's just a gold sink...
    He said he doesn't know where it is, not what it is:P But yes, it is indeed a gold sink^_^

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    Quote Originally Posted by Konoz View Post
    Got onyxia drake 2 days ago for 160k =)

    Now going to get T3 for mages.. Only have 100k left tho so will see
    you lucky bastard

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    Few pieces of rogue t3 for my monk. Wanted to bid on the mimis head - 300k ending bid -.-

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    Got the X-51 Rocket for 58k a few weeks ago and resold it for 100k lol

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    Bought a pattern first week for crafted 496 chest. Granted, we didn't have blood spirits, but the pattern was good, and I made a fair amount of gold in the following weeks crafting it for people. AFAIK It still didn't drop for anyone on the server, so, for 22k, I'm quite happy.

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