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    I'd make a bigass payment on my credit card. 1k would go a long way.

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    Probably save it or buy some stuff for the baby.
    I'd prefer the 1000 pounds over the thousand dollars though

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    A Fleshlight, Doritos and a Miley Cyrus movie, for uh, my neice.
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    my car.....

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    New GPU, larger HDD, new tires for my car and then probably go out and party with the rest.

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    This month's rent and a Nokia Lumia 920.

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    Probably some furniture.

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    I can't tell because it's quite a list, let's just say it would make me not withdraw money from my account for a few weeks

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    Definitely a gaming computer!

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    Save it.

    Nothing i really need or want right now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Combatbulter View Post
    Yeah well you danes get more money and I can call you overlord, since the Danish minority SSW currently governs Schleswig-Holstein along with the SPD and the Green ;P


    I would put it on my account, right now I don't really need anything.
    We told you to give us back Schleswig but you just wouldnt listen! :P

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    Add an extra few 100 dollars/euros and buy me an epic nice ultrabook xP

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    Cock pump.... its the only correct answer
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    I'd buy me a monkey...haven't you always wanted a monkey?

    Oh wait, thats a million dollars nvm...

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    Race wheels for my bike.

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    3ds XL with some games and the rest in to my savings account

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    probably my savings account with the rest of my money.

    boring i know, but theres nothing i need right now so i would rather have it saved up for when i do need it.
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    1000 euro is like nothing. I would probably have used it all up in a few weeks! Fucking expensive here.

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    I'd pay off my truck since I only owe about $800 on it.
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