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    Either the original super mario brothers or the original zelda on the NES, I forget.

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    Double Dragon at the gas station with my father or Bionic Commando. I'm guessing Double Dragon.

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    Ninja Turtles for Nintendo. I was late for little league baseball practice and my brother and I were taking turns. I got the final blow and beat the game and ran out to get to practice. Should have known then that I would eventually forsake my dreams of pro sports for games.

    Was that game as hard as I remember it?

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    Crash Bandicoot.
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    Probably Pokemon red.

    I was awful at mario and Crash Bandicoot

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaino View Post
    Probably Pokemon red.

    I was awful at mario and Crash Bandicoot
    Same here! Although, I only played mario at McDonald's because I never had a nintendo as kid :c Played lots and lots of Crash Bandicoot on my first playstation and I just kept on failing. x)
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    Gauntlet.... yes i actually completed it. Absolutely insane and something i'd vow never to try again.

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    Donkey Kong Country on Super Nintendo

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    Kirby's Dreamland for the NES, followed by all of the Super Mario Bros. games. I played those games so much, I still have all of the levels burned into my brain and can beat them without even thinking.

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    Zelda II: Adventure of Link. Four years of age.

    Who could forget their first =D

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    Probably either Ocarina of Time or Pokemon Yellow.
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    Probably A Link to the Past on SNES or something else around that time.
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    Super Mario 64 \o/ With some help from my siblings.

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    pokemon silver, i had red but i dont think i ever beat it, i was dumb and didnt know how to get through victory road
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    Pokemon Gold.

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    Probably Paperboy on the Commodore 64.
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    I can't remember. Hmmm... I was going to say Red Alert, but I remember not finishing it. Neither did I finish Red Alert 2 when it launched. I honestly don't know.

    I played a lot of Counter Strike when I was young, so since you can't finish that... I guess we actually have to move forward and say ... Age of Empires 2 maybe?

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    Super Mario Land 1 on the first Game Boy.

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    Super Mario on SNES

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