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    Nope. Loving everything about the environment/music/themes/graphics/etc in MoP
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    Quote Originally Posted by Primernova View Post
    China is a third world shithole, that is being pumped up by the 1% and pumping them back. Keep supporting that shit, at your peril.
    Yeah, while we're at it -- let's delete the Barrens from the game. We wouldn't want Primernova getting AIDS on top of asininity!

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    I dislike people that use "stop crying" i mean seriously its getting old.

    I didnt care much cause i just rushed to 90 to pvp and ragequit, the only thing ive noticed that Pandarens are lame. And i also noticed the continent is named PANDAria which is a big joke.

    And people try comparing pandarens to taurens? I havent seen any horde place named Cowmoothia.
    Trumpsupporters are a plague that needs to be terminated.

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    Too many racists in this thread.

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    I think we've had enough racism and nation-bashing for one thread
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