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    Imperial Vizier Zor'lok: Boss heals himself during Convert. Intended or bug?

    Last night on 25 man Zor'lok we noticed that when I got hit by Convert (shadowpriest) and he used my Devouring Plague during the MC, the healing component actually healed him for at least 4%. We ended up wiping at 3% that try....

    Looking at WoL logs it seems that all abilities used by MCed players during Convert are considered as if used by Zor'lok himself. And since the healing part of Devouring Plagues is a % of maximum health, he heals for massive amounts if this happens.

    My question is if you would consider this a bug, or unfortunate RNG? Any other spells that could screw with this boss in similar ways? We got him down later, but it still annoyed me quite a bit.

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    do as we did, make sure those spells are on cooldown at all times.

    especially fears, things became a lot easier when our priest made sure their fear was on cd.
    wish our rogue did same for smoke bomb -.-

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    Or break people instantly. We didn't waste GCDs on useless CC. Our brewmaster instantly broke someone with keg smash and the rest of the raid was aware when the MCs were going out, so we handled it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by felhunter View Post
    do as we did, make sure those spells are on cooldown at all times.

    especially fears, things became a lot easier when our priest made sure their fear was on cd.
    wish our rogue did same for smoke bomb -.-
    the thing is, DP doesn't have a CD, and all it requires is a shadow orb, which are generated by mind blast. do you expect priests to stop using their 2 strongest spells during mind control moments?
    Because of the high frequency of negativity and overall "my class/race/faction sucks" (both for IRL and ingame issues) across all boards, I have reverted to primarily lurking and only posting when I need help. I'm hoping this can be fixed, but if I don't do this, I will likely end up depressed and disgusted with humanity as a whole.

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    I keep everything dangerous on cooldown during Convert phases, along with the rest of my raiders. With a raid group that isn't quite geared/coordinated enough to instantly break the MC, it's extremely helpful.

    I do see how, because of how it works and its lack of CD, DP could be problematic.

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    also, throw stuns, silences and everything else.

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    As a shadow priest, you can't keep DP on cooldown. It would mean for all of phase 2 you can not use your 2 highest damage spells. Ever.

    We're not talking about a CC ability or anything. It's the core of Shadowpriest damage.

    Before commenting, please realize this is quite an unique situation compared to other Convert abilities. Also, the effect is quite strong: a possible 6% heal for the boss in the worst case scenario.

    The only thing I can think of, is to hit Devouring Plague the moment you see Zor'lok start casting Convert, so that it no longer is available during the MC. However, I still believe this is more of an untended bug than an intended mechanic.

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    It's possible that the mechanic of DP was overlooked in the design of the convert mechanic and we may see it changed or the healing effect on the boss reduced in a hotfix or patch. For now though, we basically have to treat it as if its intentional. There are plenty of other spells that could cause problems like this. If an enhance shaman was MC'd and used spirit wolves, it stands to reason the boss would receive healing from them. Likewise with a dk's Death Strike or any number of other abilities that cause healing.

    Ultimately, if you want to handle the mechanic safely, the MC'd targets need to be cc'd or locked down until they can be broken. It seems he doesn't do the MC all that often during Phase 4 anyway, so as long as your group is prepared for it it should not be a problem.

    Also, in terms of DP, make a point of having your healers dispel it. There are no other dispels on that fight other than debuffs cast by MC'd players, so that's something to watch out for and focus on.

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