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    They are coming! RUN!

    EVERYONE, The- THE SHA the Sha are coming the sha of hap-

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    My neighbor put his wife down for finding out she was playing video games. Just took her out in the backyard, and that was that.
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    one of the problems with WoW NPCs is that they spout honorifics like "champion" and "hero" so much, at the drop of a hat, that it feels more like flattery than a show of respect; Such titles should come not necessarily from difficult content but "effort" - i.e. earned.

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    I like chickens. Don't you dare judge me!
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    point of this thread?

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    I don't know what this is about, but I like your sig. Faction bias is one item on the list of why I quit.
    WoW having more subs than SWTOR is the same thing as Justin Bieber having more youtube plays than Tupac. Just because its more popular doesn't mean its good.
    Warcraft Lore has gone from one of the most vast and interesting stories in all of gaming to a bad Thrall Fanfic by Chris Metzen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Snarfysnarf View Post
    point of this thread?

    I uh no comment

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