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    Question Strafe key-binding help

    I know that the strafing is very crucial in arena, battlegrounds, and raids. The default bind for strafe left and strafe right are Q and E. I've binded those keys as well as the shift version of those keys to other abilities on my toon. What other buttons can be binded into those strafe left and strafe right?

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    A and D. 10 chars
    It's coming in 1.2!!!

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    anything you feel is comfortable. I just use a and d and bound qwes to different things

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    Quote Originally Posted by mirodin View Post
    A and D. 10 chars
    basically this, it's the best option as it'll keep you from using the default A & D functions.

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    I use the same buttons I use for turning, you just hold down right click on the mouse to toggle between turning and strafing, this is the default WOW control.
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