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    Why does my AoE aggro seem incredibly bad?

    I'm i555 blood DK with a 569 wep.

    I realized my AoE aggro was bad when tanking adds on garrosh. During the first set, two
    People died.

    I do DnD, Pest, BB spam...
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    It's called balancing.
    Maybe you should try balancing the large cup of QQ in your left hand with a big mug of STFU in your right.
    Just sayn'

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    People start spamming aoe before you have any vengeance, of course you won't be able to pick them up. What you might want to do is just start by taking the boss and then getting vengance while having the boss tank taunt off you after a while and both spam aoe threat to get adds off others.

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    I'd reccommend Roiling Blod so you don't waste a GCD spreading diseases. Also, pick up Glyph of Festering Blood, to help with that snap AoE threat. If you're really struggling, you could pop DRW as well.

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    DnD on one side, DA to the other side while spamming taunt, BB and if necessary IT/DC. If people nuke them when they're not on you, that's their mistake, not yours.

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    Misdirection helps as well.

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    tank the boss until the adds come out so you have vengeance

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    Quote Originally Posted by calinass View Post
    I'm i555 blood DK with a 569 wep.

    I realized my AoE aggro was bad when tanking adds on garrosh. During the first set, two
    People died.

    I do DnD, Pest, BB spam...
    Those adds don't go by normal threat rules either, they are partially proximity aggroed, so they attack the nearest target. But its clunky

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    One plan might be to start on the boss, just to get additional vengeance, when they draw near, you'll be the aggro singularity, you brother-in-tanks will simply taunt the boss off of you.

    The adds have a weird way of drawing near, is your raid stacking by the throne? Oh boy it sucks if that's the case-

    Here's what you can do to pick them up regardless though--

    Your raid's clothlings will be stacked on a certain side:
    You run off where the raid is stacked, take the boss with you just to blood boil the dots on everything. (You can just Outbreak, some stray Farseer or something else might be still alive, so you might not have to Icy Touch and Plague Strike em if you're on cooldown. Garry's so convenient to keep close by and it shouldn't be a problem if you briefly take him for a walk though!)

    Drop a Death and Decay the other way, run in the death and decay and blood tap some blood boils, maybe you're blessed with the 4-piece, though I had a firm grasp on them without it,

    But it's all about having many death runes ready to pick up all those sillies, along with Death's Advance so you don't care about Hamstring, as soon as you have a firm grasp move along to the middle where you must tank! x3

    When all adds are on you, and you seem to be in danger, your tank bro taunts Garry.
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    Try tanking the boss for a few seconds to get some vengeance. Like, let your main tank taunt after you pull.

    Doesnt hurt that DPS is usually brutal to the first set of adds

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    If you aren't tanking Garrosh, you won't have any vengeance, so you won't be able to pick up the adds unless you get a lot of misdirections. The tank will agro is gonna need to pop some AOE.

    Back when we 2 tanked it, I would pull Garrosh FIRST, tank him for a few seconds to get some vengeance rolling, then the warrior would taunt. This made me able to pick up the first wave, but every wave after the first he just ended up tanking anyway.

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    These are all on point, tank garrosh for a bit and generate some vengence, swapp and drop dnd one side, preferably talent Roiling Blood instead of using pestilence, then spam BB in the 2nd group as well as both groups, if you really think its still not doing anything, glyph DRW and it'll make it a lot better.

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    The adds on garrosh fixate. Or am I missing something?
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    The adds on garrosh fixate. Or am I missing something?
    isn't that only on heroic?
    op never said which difficulty and with the 550sh ilvl I would say normal

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