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    Darkmoon Cards: Possible to Equip 2 of them?


    I was searching for an answer to that for a long time now: Is it possible to equip 2 Darkmoon Cards (of the Mist) at the same time, say Niuzao (Stamina) and Xuen (Strength/Agility)? Thanks in advance

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    "Unique-Equipped: Darkmoon Card of the Mists (1)"

    Unfortunately not, I'm fairly sure that text encompasses all of the cards.

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    That's a shame, I remember using Darkmoon Card: Heroism and Darkmoon Card: Maelstrom together in Vanilla. =(

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    definately not possible.
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    This is a key
    Relic of Xuen
    Relic of Niuzao
    Both of them say "of the mists", so unfortunatly no.

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